Monday, February 19, 2007

Keep writing

I have a same course, the Japanese history, with my friend Joseph. In this course, there are two in class exams and two outside papers assignment. Each of them weight twenty-five points of the finally grades. It’s fair, I think.

The minimum length of each paper is three pages. It’s fair, again. Both Joseph and I planed to write the first paper this weekend. When I met him on MSN on the Saturday, he said he finished his paper. I asked how many hours it cost, he said one and forty minutes. Can you image how many hours I need to finish a three-page paper? I need ten or fifteen hours to do it.

However, I am not disappointed by the cost of time although I have been worrying about lacking of time in a regular semester. One year ago, probably, even I spend several whole days, I still couldn’t write a three-page paper. I am seeing my improvement. The reason I have to spend too much time working on a short paper is because I must do very carefully grammar check. I wish trying my best to eliminate any possible mistakes.

Writing a class paper is totally different from writing the personal journal. I believe I can finish the same length blog within two or three hours. I dream one day I am no longer worry about my English grammar, but when is the day?


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