Sunday, February 18, 2007

The lunar new year of the pig

This weekend is a regular weekend for America, but it is the lunar New Year, the most important holiday for Chinese. This year is the year of the pig. I love all the Chinese traditional holidays because I feel that they are the best forms representing the unique culture and custom of our nation. However, since I am living with my aunt and she thinks that holiday is nothing except eating more meat, I couldn’t celebrate them in a more serious and spiritual way as I want.

At the lunar new year eve, my aunt and I worked together and finally made eight dishes including a fish, a chicken, a duck, a dish of shrimp, a dish of salted meat and a dish of sausage, and two dishes of vegetable, despite there are only three people in the family. I have suggested my aunt that four dishes was fine and six was more than enough; however, she didn’t even want to listen to me at all; moreover, she insisted on cooking an extra large pot of rice for leaving tomorrow. She explained that shows we would have enough food the whole coming year. Probably, that was her way to celebrate the holiday and showed her respect to our tradition. I was pleasure to discover that.

Despite the understanding, I disagree with her manner partially. People’s ideas should change with the social and economic evolution. When people are constantly living in poverty, it is reasonable to understand that enough food was their essential pursuit. However, in the current time, at least, for most people living New York, there is no the case at all. Excess food makes people become fat; in fact, overweight is a serious illness that could threat people life. We can constantly hear this topic from our family members, friends, colleagues, who worry about how to lose weight and control the diet rather than encourage eating more.

In my opinion, during the holiday, we should not focus on food only but try other entertainment.


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