Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Latvian religion

All the results the midterm exams are informed. Except getting a low grade, 69, on the Anthropology 101, all the rest four courses are fine. I got an A- on the Japanese history, an A+ on the Linguistic 101, 92 on the Oriental Study, 86 on the Anthropology 102. I regretted what I did on the Anthropology 101; however, regardless how sad I am, the result can never be changed. The time cannot go back.

When I went the Anthropology 101 class again this afternoon, I was scared, and felt I am the most stupid person in the class. When the professor remained us that tomorrow was the last day for PNC, pass with no credit, and unevaluated withdrawal, I wondered that he implied someone, for example, me, who had a poor grade should think about this option. I knew I am too sensitive. Anyway, I didn’t feel too bad, but only a very light unhappy.

I was working on the group project this afternoon. The topic is about Latvia immigrants, and I was assigned a part as religion. I tried my best to focus on Latvia, immigrant, and religion. Woo, it’s difficult to work on an unfamiliar field. I spent five hour to write a page. Most important, it is a drift only, how many hours will cost for complete it?

After all, I still enjoy college life, enjoy the hardship. It remains me that my life is not entirely empty.


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