Thursday, April 26, 2007

Be a winner

I have been a winner in the Linguistic class today. I insist on that our professor is a very nice person even though she never gives me any special attention. She not only makes the class easy to follow, but keeps it fun also. Last week, we had an assignment to find out some minimal pairs. She suggested students who were natural English speaker to do the whole assignment, but non natural speaker students might finish an easy part only.

However, I thought I should try my best to do the assignment. I checked dictionary, did research from internet, discussed that with my tutor. I believed I was the person who completed the most in our class. This was the reason I became the winner. In today's class, the professor declaimed I was the winner and put my name on the blackboard. I really enjoy it. I assume the some of my classmates may feel unhappy about that. They do participant and show off in the class always, but they lost to an ESL student this time. I am happy that they are unhappy. Woo, I am dark inside.


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