Saturday, April 21, 2007

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day.

I went to the Kissina Park yesterday with two of my friends. The sky was extremely blue. I asked friends to allow me to go back home to take my camera, but they said you could take pictures with your cell phone. They didn’t want to waste time to do that. I really enjoy the lovely spring days and took some pictures about the trees, blooming flowers, and a lake. The natural scenery was pleasing, but I was not satisfied by the effective of those pictures from my cell phone. I planed to go to the park again today. However, today, the sky is no longer as blue as yesterday. I am regretting that I didn’t insist to take the camera yesterday.

My husband posts his practice of English writing on a blog everyday, and I always try my best to correct those sentences for him. Also, we have been talking in English on phone twenty minutes a day since several days ago. Thus, he has the chance not only writing but also speaking. It’s very difficult for an adult to learn a foreign language; however, I wish what we are doing is helpful for him. Anyway, correcting his work is not a totally boring job. I learn his live from his writing, and I am also improving my English during the same time.


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