Saturday, April 14, 2007 was closed in China recently

Chinese government closed in China recently. My husband complained that he couldn’t visit my blog anymore. I have another blog in Sina China, but I dislike it. There are many conditions you have to follow that make people inconvenient to use it. For example, it happened several times when I tried to post an article, the system didn’t allow me posting for some reasons. Sometime it said my article was too long; sometime it said the title was not allowed. I just feel bad that I spent two hours to write an article but they didn’t allow me posting it.

The second exam of the Biological Anthropology course will take place on next Tuesday. Although I am studying it a whole day, I still don’t have confidence about the coming exam. The exam is going to cover many materials. The evolution from mammals through monkeys, ape, and the finally to human is too complex. I am trying to read the text book, but those words for the proper field are not easy understand; especial, I may misunderstand some parts due to my English skill. The format of the exam is multiple-choice questions. This sort of questions may be trick if you don’t understand the materials very well.

Anyway, I will try my best. I always feel difficult on study. However, probably, some students feel even more difficult.


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