Thursday, April 05, 2007

How many words do you know?

There is a very interesting discuss between my husband and me those days.
Since he is studying English this year, he always counts how many words he has learned; for example, somebody is in the level of two thousand English words. I have not interest about that completely. Moreover, I feel it is ridiculous. How about you know how to read and spell a word but don’t know how to use it to make sentences. Do you count it as a learned word or not?

He also likes to ask me if I can understand the TV news, cartoon, or talk shows. When I answered I could not understand them. He assumed I was deliberately cheating him. I have been living in American more five years; I am a college sophomore student, how can I say I don’t understand those normal English.

I know I am frank; perhaps, the problem is due to the standard. When somebody understood ten percent of a conversation, he claimed he understood it. The other one understood ninety percent, but he felt he didn’t understand it entirely, so he said, “I don’t understand it.” I am always a sore of person as the latter.

The Russell’s book is not too difficult to understand because he wants people to understand, I guess. Some novels could be hard to understand if the authors wish other look up them as knowledgeable people. I love the topic that Russell talking as well. He talks about if the world really exists or it is merely the collection of sense-dates.

Philosophy is extremely important for everybody’s life though most people don’t believe it. They feel philosophy is empty and these topics are useless for their daily lives. However, in my opinion, although some people look like smart, they tend to make wrong alternatives at a key point of their lives, which results serious cost. The main reason is just because they had no idea about philosophy.


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