Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Finished the presentation of Anthr 101

We had the presentation section in the Anthropology 101 class today. I didn’t feel well about that. There was not any communication before the presentation among our group members. I had sent an email to all members of my group after our group was arranged, but nobody responded to me. We finished our own part separately and emailed it to the person who was in charge of the final organization of the paper and doing the presentation. That was all. We didn’t meet outside class to discuss our topic, nor contacted from emails. Last week, the professor especially left a class for students discussing the group projects, but in our group, two of the members said that was not necessary. The paper was handed in today; except the girl who did the final paper, none of our group member had chance to read it. The girl did a very brief presentation. I didn’t believe she well prepared her job. I felt that the professor may give us a B if we are lucky

However, it finished anyway. I felt tired about this course. I don’t except a good grade on it anymore. But I still will try my best to prepare for the final exams.

I went to Flushing Main Street twice today. I sold a book from the Internet, so I had to ship that book as soon as possible. I went to do that this morning. This afternoon, when I was in college, my friend Cool called and asked me coming to Flushing library. She said we would have some drinks with Barry. This was the second time she invited me, and I like to meet Barry very much, so I decided to go.

Cool has been in America less than a year, but her English is improving rapidly. She stays in the library very often. I believe she spends most of her free time in the library English learning center. We had a pleasing time in Starspark with Barry. After Barry left, we returned to the library and studied together until the library closed.


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