Sunday, April 22, 2007

A homework of the Cultural Anthroplogy class.

Because we discussed the topic of immigration on the Cultural Anthropology class, the professor asked each student to write a short paragraph about the immigration situation of their own families. This is my writing below.

My parents are still in my home country, China. I am the first generation who immigrated to America in my family. When I arrived to New York, I had a little money with me that was all of the saving of my parents. I started to find a job at the second day. On the seventh day, I found my first job as a salesperson in the Main Street, Flushing; however, the boss fired me two hour later. Nevertheless, I got a ten dollar bill as my first income in America. I found the second job a month later, working as a cashier in a supermarket. I worked here several months and shifted to another supermarket for higher pay. While I was working in a full time job, I enrolled some free English programs to improve English.

During my early years in America, I was unable to move to a better job but only worked as a low-pay labor. That was indeed a difficult situation. Thus, while I had some saving, I decided to go to college. Now, I have finished half of my college study. I hope I not only can get a bachelor’s degree, but also a master’s, or even further. For me, the American dream is not to be rich, but I hope I can free study knowledge widely and develop my own interest completely. I am especially interested in history, I want be a scholar with an outstanding achievement on the field. I understand this is a large chance that I may fail my dream on the half way. However, in my opinion, holding your dream and never giving up is just one of the most attractive characteristics of the American spirit.


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