Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Is twenty-five year old young

So far, all of my classes go on smoothly except Anthropology 101. I am worried about it badly but I don’t know how to work on it. My tutor Barry said he’d like to help me. I am touched by his word. However, I think I have to try my best to solve my problem by myself.

I got 91 points on the second exam of Anthropology 102. I thought it good. When one of my classmates, Antony, asked me, I answered him proudly, “It’s good. I got 91.” When I asked him how was his result. He said he got 107. Antony answered correctly all the questions plus some extra questions for extra credit. I was embarrassed at that moment. My score certainly is not bad, but not compare to an excellent student as him.

Antony is an ABC, America Born Chinese. He is twenty-four year old. He asked me how old I was when we first time talking. After I told him my age was too old to say. He said, I’m twenty-four, are you old than twenty-four? Seam as twenty-four is a very large number. However, I understand his feeling. My cousin is twenty-five years old. When he said he felt he was too old, I answered him like this, “If you are a sophomore when you are twenty-five, you are old. If you are a professor when you are twenty-five, you are absolutely young.”

Antony also has a Chinese Given name, Guorong, as most ABCs. That is same with a famous Chinese movie star’s. After introduced his Chinese name, “But I like girls.” Antony added a complement immediately. At that moment, I couldn’t understand why he shifted subject so quickly. But I realized the reason a few seconds later. Woo, even an ABC knows that movie star was a gay.


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