Thursday, April 12, 2007

A gap in heart

My husband told a short story to me. I think it is an excellent story.

One day, an intelligent professor asked his students a following question. “Why do people speak loud when they get anger?” one answered, “If people are not clam down, they turn to speak loud.” “Sometimes the others stand very close to a person, but the still speaks loud. What is the true reason that people attempt to speak loud?” The professor asked again. This time, the students provided various answers, but the professor was not satisfied by any of them.

At last, he explained, “If two people are anger with each other, there is a large gap between their hearts. They try to eliminate the gap and speak very loud in order to make sure another can hear. However, while they speak loud, they get even more anger. When they become even more anger, the gap becomes larger.”


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