Sunday, April 08, 2007

Candy is going to leave New York

Spring break is almost meeting an end. This week, I met many friends, including my college classmates and ex-coworkers. I like stay with my friends even though that creates some expense. Many people see saving money as their primacy goal of their lives. They have a frugal and excessively simple live. I just cannot image how boring that kind of lives are.

My friend Candy is going to move to New Orleans for a new job. Her previous job is working as a waitress, which she has been working around two years. Recently her friend introduced a cashier job to her. She made a decision to try. She is brave because, in my opinion, it’s easy to make some comments, but making a really decision to change live is a complete another case.

I admire Candy for her courage. She is always actively to try something new. Although life is tough enough for her who is in a foreign country without little external assistance, she always shows an optimistic side to the world. She constantly smiles, rarely complain. She actively makes friends, expanding her friend circle. She encourages me in some ways; not only on the dinner table for eating more food, but considering our future in a more positive way.

We had a lunch together this Sunday. Candy holds a positive perspective that this new job and the new environment is a good chance to improve her English. Chinese people who want to learn English has a same dream, escaping from New York, from the Chinese circle. On the other hand, we pointed a disadvantage of living the U.S. states other than New York. There are usually very slow. The diet is simple and people eat something very fat. She is in a risk to grow fat.


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