Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Being patiently

I don’t feel comfortable when I am in my aunt’s home.

Today I went to school in the morning. I ate breakfast in a Chinese bakery. The women who worked over here smiled to me. I knew they smiled to a customer, but I still enjoyed the wonderful feeling that someone smiles to you in a fine morning. I worked from 9 to 1 o’clock in the Media Center in the college library. I said good morning to my supervisor, his said same words as greeting to me as well. I usually don’t talk with him much, but I have kept a peaceful relationship with him. I show my respect to him; thus, when I encounter some problems on my job, he never refuses to help me. I have a much closer relationship with most of my co-workers. We chat a lot when we get together.

This morning, I asked my co-worker, Nancy, to help me to solve a question from my Linguistics course. The question is to find a minimal pair about “b” and “m”, and the “b” and “m” sound must in the middle of the two words. It was indeed challenging. Yesterday I have asked somebody in the academic support center for the same question. There were several tutors sitting over here who spent around ten minutes to think and discuss. However, sadly, they provided no effect. The reason I asked Nancy today is because she is major in Linguistics. I thought she probably should have some knowledge about minimal pairs. Nancy said this was an interesting question, and she’d like to think about it, but she could not find a pair of words fulfilling the requirement either.

I had an exam of Anthropology 102 this afternoon. I felt I did well. I wish I can get A or B. since I got a 69 points on one of my courses this semester, there is no long stress existing in my mind anymore. I have made some friends in this class. They called me before the exam because they expected help. From them, I feel that making friends is really a duty rather than an advantage. I probably can ask help from friends also, but I really don’t know how to do that. I need to learn.

The professor of the East Religion course returned our third paper in today’s class. I got an A-. It’s a pretty fair grade since it was from a tough grade professor. About this paper, the professor gave me a comment such as, “the content is good, but please improve the English.” I told myself that I didn’t have to improve the English because I have already gotten an A-.

Finishing the last class, I met an old classmate when I was on the way to go back home. We are not too close friends, and even never make phone calls to each other. However, when we meet in the campus sometimes, we always have a short but pleasured conversation together.

I felt fine the whole day. It was a peaceful day, the time that I exactly want. However, when I entered into my aunt’s home at night, I felt cold suddenly. Cold faces, cold air, and cold environment. Nevertheless, I can never require or complain anything. If my aunt asks anything such as “Why do you come into my home and my live. Who invited you here? You came by yourself.” I have no words to reply her certainly. Thus, I can only be patiently and submissively.

I told my painful feeling to my husband on phone. After speaking out, I feel much better now. If I cannot move out recently, it’s better to think things in a positive manner. Also, my husband always understands and supports me in an absolute way. He offers me the most support and love. Depending on it, I am crossing the difficult days when I am in the foreign country alone.


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