Thursday, April 05, 2007

traveling with a cyclopedia

I have planed to go to Six Flags in New Jersey today, but the plan was cancelled because of the snow this morning. I didn’t believe that was a good day to go to an amusement park. Also, there were ten people in the group. I thought it was too many people to go together. I prefer a group with three to four people.

In fact, I love travel with my husband alone. We can make or change decisions fast, don’t need spend much extra time to wait somebody coming late. While I travel with my husband, we cooperate with each other. He drives the car, I tell stories to him for entertainment. I am familiar about Chinese history and literature. Whenever we go, I knew some stories about those places.

Last summer, when we were in Xian, there was a statue about the woman playing swords around a park. I told my husband, the woman was Gongshun lady. When he approached the statue to check, he found the name was exact as I said. He was shocked and claimed, “I am traveling with a cyclopedia.”

My husband always admires me as a very intelligent person although it is not true. I enjoy staying with him because he encourages me in many ways. When I stay with my husband, my parents, and a few close friends, who are willing to understand me, I am becoming more and more colorful and wonderful.

In contrast, when I stay with others, I am ignored as a rule. I feel I was a tiny dust, so plain, so humble. I am disappointed by that. But my husband said I cannot require everybody understand me.


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