Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I don't want to be a kind person at all

There a little book in our Oriental Study course. It is around 100 pages and costs 10 dollar. I mean it is not expensive. One of my friends doesn’t want to buy it. She asked me to lend it to her in the begin of the semester. I lent it to her with pleasure. She returned it to me three weeks later. Last month, she told me that she wanted to lend it again. I said I could lend it to her one more week. Two weeks later, because our professor would talk about this book in the class, she brought it back to me.

After class, she asked me, “Do you need read this book? I through you have finished your paper.” I replied, “Do you still not read it? If you really want to read, two weeks is enough to finish the reading of a 100 page book.” However, she insisted on lending my book again. I told her I need to read it. She said, “Can you lend it to me next week. You read it this week.”

I decided that I won’t lend my book to her any more even though I don’t need read it and only put it in the corner. I am not a kind person as she expects. I don’t want to be a kind period at all.

Finally exams are coming. I should be very busy now. I have registered three summer courses. I have to do that because I cannot leave too many heavy reading courses in these regular semesters. As a result, there is no chance that I can work in the summer. I feel I have to save money, but I really don’t want to stay in an excessively frugal live. I wish to go to the restaurants with friends sometimes, not frequently, of course; buy some clothes when the season changes. I’d like to enjoy life rather than save money.


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