Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Still have two more final exams

Yesterday, I worked from 9 to 1. In the afternoon, I was studying in the library. Because the exam of Japanese history was required to write essays, I wrote the possible answers several times in order to memorize them. When I went to exam at 6:30 pm, my right hand was tired. I felt I was foolish because before the start of an exam, I made my hand tired out.

This afternoon, I finished the final exam of Oriental Study. The exam was not easy, but it was not a complete negative. It was difficult for me, which means it might more difficult for other students. I am always the one who study very hard and put much time to prepare. I don’t think I will receive a bad grade from it. I guess, at least, I can get an A- on Japanese history, and a B+ on Oriental Study.

When I finished the exam at 6 pm this afternoon, I went the library and worked on my blogs to have fun. My husband put many pictures on one of my blog. He also wrote some words to introduce those pictures and situations. He was not a careful writer, so I made some changes on the words to improve the descriptions.

There still are two more final exams for this semester. However, they are less difficult than the two I took yesterday and today. I will keep study and get final relax during the weekend.


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