Friday, May 11, 2007

A gift from Japan

My friend Emi sent a gift to me from Japan. It is a good-luck amulet from a shrine in Kyoto. Since I am studying Japanese history this semester, my interest in Japan is increasing. I wish I can come to visit Ise Shrine one day. I dream when I come here, the time is dusk, and the place is quiet. However, I doubt, as a famous tourist place, it may very crowded. If it is, I rather like stay in my room and visit it in imagination.

Emi is a very thoughtful person, a character in common with me. I enjoy the friendship with her very much. Among all my friends, including some friends such as high school classmates or a few very close friends, only Emi can remember my birthday and send her greeting to me. I can remember all my friends’ birthday as well. I feel lonely at that point because most of them don’t care about that.

My aunt told me before that my cousin is teaching in our college. I didn’t really believe her words. However, today I found his name on the class lists on the college website. Thus, I have to believe that he is teaching as a college teacher. He is only twenty-six year old. I am very jealous of his success. However, I understand everybody has his or her unique situation and background. You cannot compare yourself to someone else. If you insist on doing that, you will be exhausted but no effort.

My husband is far less ambitious than my cousin. He is merely an ordinary man. Perhaps that is a pity since I am a person who yearns for a great success. However, I always feel easy and happy when I stay with him. I know this is a true live of mine. Anyway, I never have a belief that a woman should expect a success from her husband. I work, create my career and expect my own success.

My husband said my English blog is a real blog, a kind of journal. In contrast, he thinks the writing on my Chinese blog is more like elaborately designed articles. He said he like both of them. From my Chinese blog, he enjoys a delicate writing; from the English one, he discovers and shares the details of my normal live. He always flatters me like this way. I warned him don’t do that anymore, but he doesn’t listen to me. Thus, I am used to those sweet words now. Haaa.


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