Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sending out I-129 form

I received the reply of the I-130 form yesterday. I was so excited by that because I looking forward it long time. I just could not sleep yesterday night. Also, the reply shows that I can fill those forms accurately by myself. I got the confidence that I don’t have to hire a lawyer but I can completely the process independently.

It’s a real turning point. After I sent out the I-129 form today, my husband will come to join me within a period around six months. It’s a short time to wait. For the family union, we have to spend more than six years to wait. My mother is extremely unhappy about that. She feels bad that the best age of her daughter and her son-in-law are wasted on waiting. She is turning older, so she complains such an uncontrollable fate of us. I rather say nothing about that.

I paid the tuition of the summer course by my own, that cost $1700 for three courses. This the first time I spent my own money instead of paying by government financial aid. I feel I am under even large pressure due to the financial issue.


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