Friday, May 04, 2007

A perspective as poem

Yoshida shoin said, to consider oneself different from ordinary people is wrong, but it is right to hope that one will not remain like ordinary people. I like his words. I see many people around me merely want to be an ordinary person in his or her whole life. I feel sorry to them. Also, one of my favorite Chinese writers said, “It’s not enough one has a real life, but he or she should has another world with a perspecitve as poem.”

I know it very clearly that I am going to stay as an ordinary person in my whole life, but I still try to overcome the ordinary life and to be unusual. If you don’t give up your spirit, nobody can force you do that, even God.

This noon, I went to meet my tutor and discussed my paper about Japanese history. The topic of my paper is about the Charter Oath, a document published during Meiji period. She gave me some very helpful comments.

After the tutor appointment, I went the library and started to work on this paper. I spent two hours to revise it. I am going to discuss the second draft with my tutor next Friday. Many people dislike writing because this job is quite tiresome. You have to be very patiently and polish your work over and over. A lazy person can never be a good writer. Perhaps, I have a passion for writing, so I never feel that is a troublesome job for me.

After that, I worked on the possible identifications and the essay questions of the final exam of my Japanese history course. My plan was basically finished until seven forty. When I finally raised my head up, I found there were quiet a few students in the library. This was Friday night, the library should be empty. Anyway, I picked up my stuff and returned home.


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