Friday, June 01, 2007

I enjoy the time before summer classes

My summer classes will start on next morning. This is the first time that I take summer courses; I have no idea how about that. Somebody says summer courses are easier than regular courses because professors don’t take summer course as serious as the regular ones. But somebody holds opposite opinions; they think summer courses are extremely difficult because the time is very limited. You complete one course within three or four months during fall or spring semester, but you have to complete one course within three weeks. I’ll try and find out what the real taste it is.

I went the Brooklyn Botanical Garden with my friends last Saturday. Every Saturday morning, people are allowed to enter this garden for free. Because a Japanese Zen garden inside this garden, somebody calls the Botanical garden as Japanese garden also. In the Zen garden, there are a pool, some rocks, and trees. Especially, a red torii standing in the water attracts our sight as soon as we enter into there. A torii is a gate commonly found at the entry to a Shinto shrine. It appeared during the very early time in the Japanese history and can be considered a topical sign of Japanese tradition.

I learned it from my Japanese history class this spring. I guess my friends may don’t know what the gate like construction really is. In this case, because lack of the particular knowledge of Japanese culture, they come here see something without understanding, when they go back home, they forgot them totally. Instead of some people who urge to graduate fast, I pretty enjoy the college life. It is slow, peace, and simply. I have learned a lot of knowledge here and regret I cannot study all the subjects the college offers.


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