Thursday, November 30, 2006

Remember all the good things

Yesterday night I went out to eat with my friend Jenny. These is nothing to celebrate; I just want to have a break during this heavy study period. We went to new Chinese owned restaurant, but it serves Western style food. The light was a little bit dark here, and the place was not crowded at all. Althoug most customers were Chinese, our town is a Chinese community, an Amercian girl were singing in a corner to match the whole style of the restaurant. Jenny was excited by the envirnement. I felt good as well. During the dinner, both of us talked that we wanted to change to a new life style, but none is able to achieve tha goal.
While I had to return my aunt's home, I felt that is a place as ice room. Perhaps, other's homes always the ice room for another. I complained to my hushand and claimed I would move out immediately. My hushand didn't know how to comfort me. He wish I wait when he come next year. It will be the best excuse to move out, otherwise my aunt will feel unhappy, so as other relatives. I understand, but it is really not a please experience.
I listed all the kind things my aunt have done for me on a paper and put on the wall. It works! I find out that my aunt did so many things for me. She applied me coming to America. I have seen many people around me who are illegal residens and suffer alot. My aunt cooks for me every night, when I get home, there are hot food on the table. She constantly brings food to home from the hotel where she works, and then I bring those food to school as lunch everyday. One things I am especially touched. when I worked as a cashier and had to come back home very late, she came to pick up me every night. If she couldn't come, she asked my cousin instead her. I only kept that job one month because I really couldn't stand what she did. It too good to be accepted.
Maybe I don't like my aunt's life style in some degree, but I should ignore that and remember all the good things she did. Probably the reason she treats me good is because she wants I treat her son good in the future. Except herself, I am the only relative for her son. She wants we help each other in order to have a more solid and better live in the foreign country. So I decide don't mad to my cousin anymore, at least, in front of my anut.


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