Thursday, February 12, 2009

The first step towards history MA

I finally decided to go on. At least, the process of application is starting.

Two day ago, I visited my CESL professor Kaplan. She gave me a warmest hug and asked my plan; she always shows her care and kind to me. I told her I have two options, history is my true passion; Urban Study is for practical use. She said I definitely should choose history. I told her I was scared by two oral examinations for history program. She said oral exams scare everybody, even though you are a native speaker. Thus, I take the nice professor’s words and start. ( Despite when my husband heard this in the evening and commented, “this is an American opinion.” I guess he means it may not a right way for Chinese. Anyway! Ignore! )

Since I am applying the graduate program immediately after my undergraduate program in the same school, the application fee, $125, is waived. I also don’t have to worry about the transcripts.

There are only three things I need to take care of. First, a three page long application form. It is simple. I have worked on some immigration forms by myself, which are much complicate.

Second, three letters of reference. It is easy too. I have stayed in Queens College four and half years, I have a lot of resources here. There is no any difficulty to pick up three to write the letters for me. I already had two, and the two professors both said they were happy to do this for me. Tomorrow, I will ask a Chinese professor for the last letter. He is even easier person. I even don’t have to ask my favorite professor Sukhu. I preserve him for later use.

Third, a 500-word essay. I did some research from the Internet. There is a lot of information about admission essays, but most of them require payment. Of course I don’t want to pay even a penny. Based on the fragment of hints from the Internet, I made my own idea of the essay and finished the draft yesterday. Yesterday evening, I conducted my friend Zhiyin who had applied the graduate program last year. I am glad that her suggestion is similar with what I thought. I sent my draft to Barry and asked him to help the essay on the grammar. He didn’t give me a response yet, I hope he can do this for me.