Thursday, August 28, 2008

The first day of fall semester of 2008

Yesterday was the first day of the fall semester of 2008. I stayed at school the whole day, having three classes and meeting several friends. In the morning, I had the swimming class. This class is titled as “advanced beginning swimming”. I think this description is ambiguous and am confused by what level of swimming skills that the teacher is expected I have. Although I am enduring in the water but my swimming skills are not professional at all. We are instructed to buy a lot of equipments which are totally unfamiliar to me and have to learn a lot new skills, including First Aid and diving. I am scared by the first class. However, a sport class is necessary for graduation from a college. I have to go on but no other options.

I had the fist lab class of the Environment Science 111 in the afternoon. It is also a requirement course and I must take. Every week there are an assignment and a quiz. Also, in the lab, the most time is group work which is not a thing that I am good at. The Biological Anthropology is difficult for me too because it is related to biology. The only good thing is that the professor is very nice and well-organized. For this reason I won’t give up this course.

Other two courses I have are American history and Archeology of Mesoamerica. Obviously, none of the course I am taking this semester is easy. I am questioning myself if I can well handle them. However, all of these courses must be taken in order to fulfill college requirement. If I plan graduate next year, I have no reason delay to take them. When I thought about this situation yesterday night, I was so sad and even cried. The only thing I can do is to wish tomorrow will be better.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Finally, my husband came to the US with me on 8/21/2008

I came back New York a few days ago and was busy to find a new place for my husband and me to live. Because of my aunt’s warm help, who drives a car accompanying us all days to search a decent room around the nearby neighborhood, on the second day we quickly found a fine room. This room is very close to my college and it is big and with a separated kitchen and bathroom. Both my husband and I are happy about it. We are going to move into it this Thursday. My aunt promised to give us several pieces of furniture which she no longer needs, including a bed, a table with three chairs, and a sofa. She always tries very hard to help me to save money. I appreciate so much for her helps.

Although my husband has been in the U.S. merely a few days, seem as he is really enjoying the new environment. He likes the foods and drinks in both American restaurants and in my aunt’s home; he always has interests about new things. When I meet my friends and have conversation, he participates actively despite his limited English abilities. I have the confidence that he can successfully involve into the U.S. society within a short period.

Today I went my school to talk over my work schedule of the fall semester with my superior in Media Center in the college library. It is my weakness that I am always worry too much of my classes in the beginning of a new semester. This time I am worried that if my family life will make me less concentrating on my study. I will see and try my best.