Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Still have two more final exams

Yesterday, I worked from 9 to 1. In the afternoon, I was studying in the library. Because the exam of Japanese history was required to write essays, I wrote the possible answers several times in order to memorize them. When I went to exam at 6:30 pm, my right hand was tired. I felt I was foolish because before the start of an exam, I made my hand tired out.

This afternoon, I finished the final exam of Oriental Study. The exam was not easy, but it was not a complete negative. It was difficult for me, which means it might more difficult for other students. I am always the one who study very hard and put much time to prepare. I don’t think I will receive a bad grade from it. I guess, at least, I can get an A- on Japanese history, and a B+ on Oriental Study.

When I finished the exam at 6 pm this afternoon, I went the library and worked on my blogs to have fun. My husband put many pictures on one of my blog. He also wrote some words to introduce those pictures and situations. He was not a careful writer, so I made some changes on the words to improve the descriptions.

There still are two more final exams for this semester. However, they are less difficult than the two I took yesterday and today. I will keep study and get final relax during the weekend.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Studying on Saturday

I am studying in the library on the Saturday morning. I have four final exams next week, and I cannot waste even one minute to do anything else. I doesn’t write my blog those days though I am yearning for doing it.

Friday, May 11, 2007

A gift from Japan

My friend Emi sent a gift to me from Japan. It is a good-luck amulet from a shrine in Kyoto. Since I am studying Japanese history this semester, my interest in Japan is increasing. I wish I can come to visit Ise Shrine one day. I dream when I come here, the time is dusk, and the place is quiet. However, I doubt, as a famous tourist place, it may very crowded. If it is, I rather like stay in my room and visit it in imagination.

Emi is a very thoughtful person, a character in common with me. I enjoy the friendship with her very much. Among all my friends, including some friends such as high school classmates or a few very close friends, only Emi can remember my birthday and send her greeting to me. I can remember all my friends’ birthday as well. I feel lonely at that point because most of them don’t care about that.

My aunt told me before that my cousin is teaching in our college. I didn’t really believe her words. However, today I found his name on the class lists on the college website. Thus, I have to believe that he is teaching as a college teacher. He is only twenty-six year old. I am very jealous of his success. However, I understand everybody has his or her unique situation and background. You cannot compare yourself to someone else. If you insist on doing that, you will be exhausted but no effort.

My husband is far less ambitious than my cousin. He is merely an ordinary man. Perhaps that is a pity since I am a person who yearns for a great success. However, I always feel easy and happy when I stay with him. I know this is a true live of mine. Anyway, I never have a belief that a woman should expect a success from her husband. I work, create my career and expect my own success.

My husband said my English blog is a real blog, a kind of journal. In contrast, he thinks the writing on my Chinese blog is more like elaborately designed articles. He said he like both of them. From my Chinese blog, he enjoys a delicate writing; from the English one, he discovers and shares the details of my normal live. He always flatters me like this way. I warned him don’t do that anymore, but he doesn’t listen to me. Thus, I am used to those sweet words now. Haaa.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sending out I-129 form

I received the reply of the I-130 form yesterday. I was so excited by that because I looking forward it long time. I just could not sleep yesterday night. Also, the reply shows that I can fill those forms accurately by myself. I got the confidence that I don’t have to hire a lawyer but I can completely the process independently.

It’s a real turning point. After I sent out the I-129 form today, my husband will come to join me within a period around six months. It’s a short time to wait. For the family union, we have to spend more than six years to wait. My mother is extremely unhappy about that. She feels bad that the best age of her daughter and her son-in-law are wasted on waiting. She is turning older, so she complains such an uncontrollable fate of us. I rather say nothing about that.

I paid the tuition of the summer course by my own, that cost $1700 for three courses. This the first time I spent my own money instead of paying by government financial aid. I feel I am under even large pressure due to the financial issue.

Friday, May 04, 2007

A perspective as poem

Yoshida shoin said, to consider oneself different from ordinary people is wrong, but it is right to hope that one will not remain like ordinary people. I like his words. I see many people around me merely want to be an ordinary person in his or her whole life. I feel sorry to them. Also, one of my favorite Chinese writers said, “It’s not enough one has a real life, but he or she should has another world with a perspecitve as poem.”

I know it very clearly that I am going to stay as an ordinary person in my whole life, but I still try to overcome the ordinary life and to be unusual. If you don’t give up your spirit, nobody can force you do that, even God.

This noon, I went to meet my tutor and discussed my paper about Japanese history. The topic of my paper is about the Charter Oath, a document published during Meiji period. She gave me some very helpful comments.

After the tutor appointment, I went the library and started to work on this paper. I spent two hours to revise it. I am going to discuss the second draft with my tutor next Friday. Many people dislike writing because this job is quite tiresome. You have to be very patiently and polish your work over and over. A lazy person can never be a good writer. Perhaps, I have a passion for writing, so I never feel that is a troublesome job for me.

After that, I worked on the possible identifications and the essay questions of the final exam of my Japanese history course. My plan was basically finished until seven forty. When I finally raised my head up, I found there were quiet a few students in the library. This was Friday night, the library should be empty. Anyway, I picked up my stuff and returned home.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

I said no to somebody

Once, one of my classmates asked to see my assignment. I gave him mine. He copied my work, and when the professor returned my assignment, she gave me no credit and said I must finish my job independent. I felt bad about that, but I understood that it is reasonable that the professor could not distinguish who copies others job. Somebody suggested me to talk with my professor, but I didn’t think I had any excuse to make her believes me.

Today, the student came to ask to see my new assignment again when I was working in Media Center. I said no to him directly. He asked why. I said, “I lost credit last time because we works were similar.” He replied, “No, I am not going to copy yours. I only want to take a look.” I told him, “If you want, I can discuss these questions with you. That is all I can do for you.” He left. A few minutes later, he came back and asked a few question about the assignment. I explained them to him.

It’s pretty cool speaking like this way, in an American manner. In China, people prefer speaking indirectly. For instance, in today’s situation, people would like to say, “I forgot bringing my assignment with me.” Or, “I am sorry, but it is not available because someone borrowed it this morning.” They rarely directly refuse the requires from friends or other people despite how ridiculous they are. For Chinese, seams as saying no is the most difficult thing to do in the world. I hate to lie even though if I do that that may make others feel better. I’d like make myself feel comfortable first. It’s coooool.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I don't want to be a kind person at all

There a little book in our Oriental Study course. It is around 100 pages and costs 10 dollar. I mean it is not expensive. One of my friends doesn’t want to buy it. She asked me to lend it to her in the begin of the semester. I lent it to her with pleasure. She returned it to me three weeks later. Last month, she told me that she wanted to lend it again. I said I could lend it to her one more week. Two weeks later, because our professor would talk about this book in the class, she brought it back to me.

After class, she asked me, “Do you need read this book? I through you have finished your paper.” I replied, “Do you still not read it? If you really want to read, two weeks is enough to finish the reading of a 100 page book.” However, she insisted on lending my book again. I told her I need to read it. She said, “Can you lend it to me next week. You read it this week.”

I decided that I won’t lend my book to her any more even though I don’t need read it and only put it in the corner. I am not a kind person as she expects. I don’t want to be a kind period at all.

Finally exams are coming. I should be very busy now. I have registered three summer courses. I have to do that because I cannot leave too many heavy reading courses in these regular semesters. As a result, there is no chance that I can work in the summer. I feel I have to save money, but I really don’t want to stay in an excessively frugal live. I wish to go to the restaurants with friends sometimes, not frequently, of course; buy some clothes when the season changes. I’d like to enjoy life rather than save money.