Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Eve

Today is Wednesday, but CUNY schools follow the Friday schedule. And also since tomorrow will be Thanksgiving, most students and stuffs leave school early. The campus appears empty, quiet, and lonely. I like stay in school on Friday night because fewer people over here. I enjoy to lonely taste. However, the library will close at five o’clock today. I have to leave. I don’t want to go back to home, but I don’t know where I can go. Probably I may sit at a corner in a building to read a book.

I am always busier in holiday than regular days. Because we will have a couple of extra days, Professors never forget to assign extra works; sometimes the assignment is heavy. If friends invite me to hang out, I have no excuse to refuse because everybody knows this is holiday. I myself also have some plan need to finish during the free days. However, there are only extra days for the Thanksgiving.

I like the name of the holiday, Thanksgiving. We really need to thank everything we have received. Nothing is absolutely that you should to have. The most things in our lives are given by chance.

My aunt’s family rarely celebrate holiday. She is always nervous to make a living although she doesn’t have to. I wish I can have my own family soon. I like holidays; I will celebrate all of them, thanking everything the life provides to me, and making my life joyful.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Taking Sukhu's Course of Tang Poetry Next Semester

I got 76 on the second mid-term exam of my African history course. I feel so bad about that but how can I change the result. I usually do well on essay questions but I am not good at multiple choice questions. Anyway, if I didn’t get a good grade that only means I didn’t study well. I wish I can do well on the rest part of the course.

I don’t like my writing tutor. She is in English major but when I meet her one hour a week and discuss the poems I am going to write about, she offers little help and advise. Every time after I meet her, I feel upset rather than joy and confidence. I understand that the most concern of the people working in the writing centre is they don’t want students depend on them. However, the reason there is a writing center in the college and students come here is to seek help. I wonder why they don’t ask the feedback from students. If they do that, I definitely will post my criticism to them.

English 140W should be the most difficult courses among all the five I taking this semester. For the most poems that we discuss in the class, I am unable to really understand. What I am doing it to go to class every time, sitting and listening. However, the professor gives us little pressure; she asks neither questions nor homework. For the essays of this course, I spend lots of time after class, discussing with tutors and revising them again and again. I just worry about the in-class final exam that weight 30 points of the final grade. I should start to prepare it now.

Thanksgiving is coming. There will be a five days break. Seems as I can take a break but it is not true. Several friends ask me to meet them during the break, which may waste me one or two days. Professors assign many reading and assignment. I think I may even more busy during the holiday than the regular weeks.

Sukhu is teaching Tang poetry next semester, how I can miss it. When I though I might miss it, I just felt painful. When I image the sense discussing Tang poetry with Sukhu, I demand nothing in the world anymore. Thus, I changed my schedule. I am taking six courses rather than five as I planed before. Since I am not taking writing intensive course and the Chinese poetry course should not cost me much time, I think I will be safe. I don’t know what my future is, but the only thing I know it is that I enjoy the present, enjoy the wonderful experience about knowledge. I will study with Sukhu as long as I can regardless what grades I will be received. It is so rare to get an excellent teacher as him.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Cha's Birthday!!!

Today is my birthday. Yesterday night I called my mother because it was already sixth in China. I thought my mother must hope to talk with me in the special day. I asked her when I was born in this day. She said it was at the time after dinner, so we guess that should be around seven or eight o’clock. She said my father should know, but I doubt. My father is careless.

Yesterday night I received a birthday card from my net friend Emi. She can always remember my birthday even though we don’t keep in touch very often. She is so thoughtful and a truth friend who can always warm me up.

I got a text message from my husband five o’clock in the morning; it waked me up. I have a definitely confidence about my husband; thus, I never care about how he shows his love or if he remembers my birthday or not.

It is raining this morning, I am not unhappy about that. I love rain.

I will go to dinner with Candy tonight. I am looking forward to it. I like Candy so much. She is a happy girl and very understanding. If I encounter something unhappy or have any secret, she is the only person I want to speak to.

I have many old friends in China. I miss them during my birthday. I don’t believe they will send emails to me, or I doubt they can remember my birthday. However, I never doubt their love to me and our unchangeable friendship.

Today is a long day for me. I will work from 9 to 12, having two classes and a tutor appointment in the afternoon. I will be free until 7:45, and then I will go to Flushing to meet Candy.

The only thing I feel sorry about my birthday is I may don’t have time to write my diary tonight. It is my most pleasure to stay with pink tear in my life.