Thursday, June 28, 2007

an A- on history 102 as the final grade.

Some of my friends don’t know English, but some of them have no clue about Chinese. So, in my picture blog, I have to use to two languages to describe the pictures in order to happy all my friends. I like to work on my blogs.

I really got an A- on history 102 course. It is a fair grade.

After the exam, I read Chinese novels yesterday until mid-night and practiced the calligraphy this morning. This is the way that I love myself.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I am connecting the Internet in the public library

I brought my laptop to the Flushing library to try if I could access wireless internet here. I have seen many signs in the library saying that the library added this service, but I doubted it. However, I had to say it was true. I connected my laptop to internet easily and fast.

The next two months in the summer, the college library will been closed every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. If I must use internet to finish my assignments during the weekend, I can go to the library. Although there is not as quite as the college library, it is a still a good option and a good new for me. In addition, in comparison with my room, air-conditioner is available here also. On one hand, I never hate hardship since it can make me stronger; however, on the other hand, I really do not refuse to cool down in hot summer days.

I have seen Barry a few minutes before, and he agreed to talk with me a while after four thirty in the afternoon. I like the schedule; right now, I am sitting on the third floor and reading some Chinese books. I feel good today.

The Europe history is done

I finished the final exam right now. I have worked on my essay five days and probably rewrote it more than twenty times before the exam. I am so tired about it. When I one more time wrote down it on the exam, I even didn’t want to give it a glance anymore.

But I didn’t do well on the term-matches again. The reason was I still didn’t well figure out the professor’s mind. Some terms were not familiar for me.

I could not complain anybody; in contrast, I love the professor; he is very helpful but not spoils the students. He is awe, exactly as the comments from former students. I wanted to say something to him when I handed my exam to him because that should be the last time I met him. But I only said thanks; I was to shy to something more.

I guess I may get a B+ or A-. My English limited my achievement despite I have spent excessive time and energy to study. I feel painful that my plan of upraise my GPE failed. I don’t know how the following American history course is. It should not be easy either. I am waiting.

Form tomorrow, I have four days off between the two summer sessions. I will go to a museum with my friends. I also will go to the Flushing library this afternoon to see my tutor, Barry. I have not seen him in the long time. I miss him. I wish he has time after his job, so we may go to a bakery to have a cup of coffee or tea, having conversation, this is the point.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Sina blog

Monday, June 25, 2007

Study for the final paper of the European history

The exam will take place the day after tomorrow. I have been studying for it four days, and I will go on tomorrow. I am so tried about the fact that doing only one thing within many days. I am looking forward the end of this session.

I learn many new words and try to correctly spell out them. For example, confiscate, abdication, provisional, requisitioning, emancipation, commodity, democratic, faction, weapon, serf, propaganda, feudal, purge, Comintern, tsar. Also some names, Lenin, Trotsky, Bukharin, Nicholas, Alexander, Stalin, Moscow, Petersburg, Petrograd, Entente. Through those words, probably everybody can figure out that my paper is about the history of Russian revelation and the Soviet.

I rarely take a particular time to memorize new words, but only do that before exams. This is a weakness for human being. We need some external forces to push us to improve.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

An A- on the Mid-term exam of History 102

I got 75 on my essay, which weights 80%, and 16 on the term-matches, which weights 20%. So, I got an A-, 91, as the grade of the mid-term. I am satisfied by the result of the essay, but I think I should do better on the term-matches. I will do better on the final exam.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Finished the mid-term of European history

I finished the mid-term exam of the Europe history course this morning. The exam is including two parts. One is twenty term-matches that weights twenty points. The second part is an essay that weights eighty points. Before the exam, I expected an A from it. I spent three whole days, last Friday and the weekend, worked on the essay. I wished I could answer all the terms correct and lost a few points on the essay only. However, after the exam, I found I did around five terms wrong in the first part. So, right now, I think I may get a B+ or A-, as I expected, my essay could still win a high grade.

There are endless exams in a student’s career. It is seem terrible, but I don’t really hate that. The final exam will take place on next Wednesday. I usually do better on final exam than mid-exam. I gain experience from mid-term exam and try to be used to the teacher. If you can figure out what your professor wants, you will have a good chance to get good grades.

Few of my friends have blogs despite many people who I don’t know do it in the world. Probably many people think that it is unreasonable to write and put personal journal in the public. However, since the blogs wrote by ordinary people have few readers, doing it or not become same. I just want to do something, regardless it is meaningful or not.
This is Antony’s blog; I put the address over here, so I may visit it sometimes. I wish he updates it more often.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Love or relationship

The mid-term exam will take place next Monday morning. I prefer afternoon or night classes for many reasons. Above all, I don’t have to get up early. Also, at the particular point, you will have more hours to study if the exam is at four pm than at eight or nine am in the morning. I may get up at 4 or 5 am that day. I really need several hours to do review before exams.

A few days ago, I met a friend and talked with her a while. I found she was spending much of her life to dream some romantic things. I do that also, but occasionally. I rather to do something I can handle; if I put effort on a field, I expect a definite fruit growing up. My husband said I was an extremely rational person. I know I am not; I just don’t want to be disappointed. For many of my female friends, the ultimate goal of their lives is to find the truth love. In fact, I don’t believe the so-call “love” at all. There is no love in the world. Instead of that, I believe in “relationship”.

Everything goes smoothly because of the balance of a relationship.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Writing blogs for enjoy myself

The mid-term exam will take place next Monday. Our professor will give us the possible questions this Thursday. By the way, I appreciate he does that. I wonder if I have enough time to prepare it. Thus, I am trying to study those terms from the textbook and class notes before this Thursday; and then leave this weekend to focus on his questions. I wish I can get an A on this course, but I do not have a confidence about that it. European history since 1815 is a huge topic, which includes too much information, and the context is very complicate. Anyway, what I only can do is to try my best, regardless the result.

Despite the heavy stress from the exams, I enjoy the professor’s lecture very much. In fact, I couldn’t understand the class completely, but I force myself to concentrate on the professor’s speech and try to understand them as more as possible. In class, the professor shows a lot of pictures; some of them are very famous and worth to be known. Also, he runs the class slowly, leaving enough time to the students to take notes.

My friend Antony said he didn’t usually write blog because he felt his life was not very interesting. I agree with his opinion, few people has many exciting things that constantly happen around his or her everyday life. My life is probably even more boring than most New Yorkers’. And it’s true that almost nobody reads my blogs. However, when I read what I wrote a year ago, the past time was recalled, the joy and the sorrow things I had experienced. Because of the piece of writing, a partial of my life was kept. I think that is a good point for writing blogs.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

It's always fair

The first week of the summer class is over. I like the professor, his lecture, and the reading. However, I have to say the class is indeed intensive. We have class every morning 9 to 11:30 from Monday to Thursday. After class, we need to read the textbook, around one chapter or 30 pages per day. I often need to spend three or four hours to complete the reading. I also work on Monday and Tuesday afternoon 12 to 4.

During the past week, I rushed to reading and had no time to arrange class notes. I will do that during the weekend. Also, I plan to read more chapters during this weekend in order to leave the week time to study the teacher’s note next week.

The mid-term exam of this course will take place on the Monday of the third week. The final exam will be on the Wednesday of the fourth week. It is tough, but I enjoy the busy schedule; it pushes me studying. If I didn’t take college course, I definitely would waste this summer.
I expect an A on this course in order to improve my GPA. I had a B in this spring semester, which pulled down my GPA a bit. Because I focus on one course only during the summer class, I wish I can do better than regular period.

In the particular course, there are some factors very helpful and some are not. Because the language barrier, I cannot fully understand the textbook and the lecture that the professor given in the class. Since the time is very limited, it is impossible to reread the textbook again and again. Also, I am not familiar about Europe history or geography; thus, I cannot take a good note and write all the names of some persons and places that the professor mentions on the class.

However, I also found some positive factors on the class. First, the professor gives us Powerpoint slide show, which is very helpful for students to write down those important terms. Even though I don’t understand them within the class, if I know what the important terms are, I can do research after class by myself. Second, the professor will give us review list before exams. It is much better than the students do the review randomly within a whole textbook.

We are studying the Industrial Revolution in Britain during early nineteenth century today. Because I used to work as a low-paid labor in Chinese supermarkets, food factors, and restaurants, I have a profound understanding how harsh the work condition is in a factory. When I was in miserable situation, naturally, I repeatedly asked why I had to live in such a situation but somebody else can have an easy and rich life. Today, when I am studying this piece of history, I realize that the Europeans and Americans have a good life is not due to the bless of God, but their ancestors have done the effort for them hundreds years ago. It’s always fair.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Can I expect help from others

All the grades were posted in school website yesterday. I didn’t do very well this semester, but I am not disappointed by my grades. I got an A+ on Linguistic 101, an A on Anthropology 102, a B on Anthropology 101, an A- on Japanese history and another A- on Oriental Study 140W. Because I got a D+ on the mid-term exam of Anthr 101, a B on the final grade is a pretty good grade for me.

My friend Antony had four courses in the past semester, the first college semester of him, and he got two As and two A+s. I just hate him. I know many American young people who just don’t pay attention on study; if they do so, how can I compete with them.

It’s so incontinent that I cannot access the Internet at home. Although I understand I have no rights to ask anybody to do anything, I wish my cousin can help me. For him, making a wireless connection on a laptop is not a too difficult job. He has done that for me before and for his mother recently also. Doing that may cost half hour, it is a very limited time. If he does that, he loses little, but I will receive a very useful benefit.

In fact, I always try my best to do my job alone, avoiding asking help as more as possible. However, for this case, because I have no knowledge about computer and my husband is not here, I completely have no idea how solve this problem. In my heart, I feel so bad that my cousin refused to help me. We live in a same house, eating dinner together everyday. I just don’t understand why he treats me so cruel.

Maybe I am an ugly person, so I cannot win favor from most people. If I was as nice as Zhiyin, I would have a good relationship with everybody, including people same as my cousin. I know some parts of my personality are unpleasant. But, how can I change?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

An A- of Oriental Study 140 W course

I got an A- of Oriental Study 140 W course. It is not a bad grade for a Writing intensive course. Probably, this course is too difficult for the American students, so the professor curved the final grade for all the students. Some students know nothing about East Religion before they come to this class. How can they understand the several major religions in the world within several months studying?

Next semester, I am going to have a course of Greek civilization. The reason I take it is I am tired to study Chinese civilization repeatedly although it is an easy way to get credits and higher grades. I have taken those courses, which related to Chinese civilization and history three semesters. I wish to expand my knowledge as wide as possible during the college study.

According to the course description, taking the Greek civilization course, students don’t have to have any the knowledge of Greek civilization. However, since it is a brand new field for me, I am worry that I may fall into the difficult situation similar with the American students who are in the East Religion course. Anyway, I’ll try.

When I was young, I thought I could learn everything by myself. However, after many years, I have not done one thing as a meaningful achievement. Thus, I gradually understand that following by a teacher or an education system to study is a better way to improve yourself.

Monday, June 04, 2007

The first of the summer class

Today is the first day of the summer class. My class is European history from 1815 until present. The professor seems very friendly. There is no paper but only one mid-term exam and a final exam, each of them weight 50% of the final grade. This course will end at June 27. Therefore, the whole month of June, the chief job of mine is to focus on the piece of history. I am also working in the Media center every Monday and Tuesday afternoon during the summer. I like to do that; it is not a hard job, and I can earn some money from it to pay for my lunch.

My friend Joseph will visit China this month with his Guongfu master. His master will take him to Beijing, Xian, and Baoji. They had planed to go to Sichuan and Qingchensan before, but the plan has been altered. Joseph felt bad about that because he expected to go Sichuan to meet my husband. When we were talking this during our lunch last Thursday, Zhiyin said if Joseph really wanted to meet somebody in China, she had some friends in Beijing, she could give their phone numbers to him, and he might meet them.

Friday, June 01, 2007

I enjoy the time before summer classes

My summer classes will start on next morning. This is the first time that I take summer courses; I have no idea how about that. Somebody says summer courses are easier than regular courses because professors don’t take summer course as serious as the regular ones. But somebody holds opposite opinions; they think summer courses are extremely difficult because the time is very limited. You complete one course within three or four months during fall or spring semester, but you have to complete one course within three weeks. I’ll try and find out what the real taste it is.

I went the Brooklyn Botanical Garden with my friends last Saturday. Every Saturday morning, people are allowed to enter this garden for free. Because a Japanese Zen garden inside this garden, somebody calls the Botanical garden as Japanese garden also. In the Zen garden, there are a pool, some rocks, and trees. Especially, a red torii standing in the water attracts our sight as soon as we enter into there. A torii is a gate commonly found at the entry to a Shinto shrine. It appeared during the very early time in the Japanese history and can be considered a topical sign of Japanese tradition.

I learned it from my Japanese history class this spring. I guess my friends may don’t know what the gate like construction really is. In this case, because lack of the particular knowledge of Japanese culture, they come here see something without understanding, when they go back home, they forgot them totally. Instead of some people who urge to graduate fast, I pretty enjoy the college life. It is slow, peace, and simply. I have learned a lot of knowledge here and regret I cannot study all the subjects the college offers.