Friday, August 31, 2007

I love professor Sukhu's class

This Tuesday was the first class of Oriental Study 220. In the class, professor Sukhu told us that we would study Zen Buddhism during this semester in this class. It was a surprise because the class description on the college website didn’t mention this. I was so excited by it and even made cheer sounds. Professor Sukhu gave me a glance, and I assumed he was aware my exciting. Zen and Daoism are two philosophies that I loved the most.

Professor Sukhu is a very knowledgeably oriental scholar. He is the one who worthy I call him as my teacher in my life. I enjoy his class very much. In the Thursday class, he talked about Vedas. Vedas are the oldest and most complex tradition of India that appeared around 2000 BC; it is a difficult topic to explain to students who have no related background knowledge in a short time. However, Sukhu’s lecture is slow, clear, logical, and easy to understand.

In the first day of my English 140W course, our professor asked us to write a writing symbol, and today she returned them to us. This is my second time taking this professor’s class. I took her English 110 a year before. She left a comment on my writing. it said that it is good to see me again. She also suggested me to register a writing tutor in college. I felt bad the comment implies that she thinks my English is very poor. It’s a fact, and I knew it very clear. But I still feel bad when somebody point it out. After the class, I came to say hi to her and told her I have already registered a writing tutor. I want to show my concern in my study. This professor is a thoughtful and relative easy teacher. I wish I can do well in the class.

My friend Antony had four courses last semester, and he got two As and two A+s as his final grades. It’s a wonderful thing, but a wonderful thing could change to be a bad thing sometimes. Antony got much stress in the beginning of the semester. He very felt nervous and changed his schedule several times. Finally, he made his class schedule terrible, he has only four courses and totally ten credits. Because of having only ten credits, he dropped into a part time student. When I met him in school, I encouraged him to take another course in order to have three more credits and be a full time student again. He said he wanted to work, but the only reason that he wants to work is because he fears to study.

From this story, I conclude that the perfect is not absolutely good. Keeping in imperfect probably makes you live in ease. I suggest Antony to gain some As and some Bs in this semester, and then he will get a more comfortable attitude to deal with his following college studying.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The first day of the fall semester of 2007

Today is the first day of the new semester. I met several old classmates and the professor who taught me pronunciation years before. I am glad to meet them. The campus becomes crowded. I started to miss the quiet campus during the summer session.

I got a B on American history and an A on Archaeology in the summer courses. Everybody says B is ok, but because of that B, my GPA is dropping.

Today I had two courses already, Africa history and Anthropology 208, People of South Asia. So far, I feel both of them are interesting and not too difficulty. I don’t know how many As I can get this semester, but I will keep working hard.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Summer courses are over

The final exam of Archaeology was finished in this morning. So, all my summer courses were over. The professor returned my paper back to me, and she commented, “No deductions for grammatical errors.” Although I got an A on this paper, I didn’t feel happy about that. Her words implied that there were many grammatical errors on my two page-long paper.

I have been concerning about my grammar very much, and I am always plagued by how to improve it. I feel it is intolerant that leaving many mistakes on my writing. I dream one day my writing could be grammatical errors free. If I want to go to graduate school, I have to improve my English writing to an average level at least. Sometimes I doubt that I can reach the goal in my this life. Few of my friends who are in the similar situation with shows concern about the grammar studying. I wonder how they deal with it.

I divide Human beings’ weakness into two categories. For some of them, we may use our power to repair or correct them; but for the other, we can do nothing to restore them. Nevertheless, sometimes, the attempting of doing something impossible is attractive. Life is so boring and meaningless. I like to do something interesting or may be ridiculous, enjoying the difficult and struggle and ignore the result.

There are two week break between the summer and fall academic terms, I will use this time to study grammar as much as I can. However, I will still leave some time for relax. I just finished a three month intensive studying, didn’t I? Tonight I am going to read some Chinese fictions. This is one of the most enjoyable things for me in my life. Reading good fictions helped me to understand people and the world deeper and deeper. I extreme dislike somebody tells me how the world is. I’d like to knowledge it from my eyes and brain.

When I studied the American history, I found the whole book was full of the word, freedom. I guarantee that you can see it several times in every single page. In fact, I don’t think there is much freedom in America as they have claimed. It is a society, bureaucracy, and institutions. Everything runs following by its arranged trace. I felt I could not breathe in class when I encountered so much so-call freedom but essentially, everybody here was tightly controlled by much invisible rules. It exactly seams as any society, regardless Capitalism or Communism. Finally, when our study moved to the chapter of Beats, I felt somebody opened a window, which allowed a little bit fresh, cold, morning air pouring in the room.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Keep studying

I finished the final exam of the American history class. I thought I did better than the mid-term exam; at least, I wrote much longer for these two essay questions. I expect a B or B+ on it. I am studying for the Archaeology course those days. I have never felt painful on studying it.

I have been thinking what I am going to do after graduated. One of my friends who graduated this summer will go to Navy and work at there five years. I hope I can keep studying in history after I graduated. However, I doubt if I have the ability to complete it.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Have the final exam of American history on tomorrow

I got an A on the second quiz of the Archaeology and another A on the paper of this course too. I wish I do well on the final, so I can have an A as the final grade.

The final exam of the American history will be hold on tomorrow. there is really no any exciting thing worth to say about it. On the one hand, I have to say the professor is very good. He makes the class logic and easy to follow. On the other hand, he requires students to reach a college level studying. I cannot complain that his requirment is too difficult, nor his grade because they are certainly not. The only preblom is that my English ability is still need to improve. For this reason, I couldn’t do well on this course. If I had decent English, I would take his class again. But my siuation forces me hardly to enjoy his class.

I am looking forward to the wonderful things after the summer courses. I will go to swimming everyday from tomorrow. ( I know I still have the fianl exam of Archeology next Monday, but it is not as hard as the history exam, and the time is relatively rich. ) I have told my friends that I didn’t like to go to the college swimming pool because I didn’t want to see those American men’s hair. But when I went there once, I found that I could not see such ugly thing at all without a pair of glasses. In fact, I never wear my glasses when I swimming. So, I enjoy to go to swimming there now.