Thursday, October 25, 2007

An easy mid-term exam

I studied so hard for Zen course. I used a pen to take note in class, and typed them in computer as the second time arrangement and study after each class. Before the exam, I spent three whole days to study those materials of this course. I made index cards for every potential identifications and essay questions. I reread the textbooks and did research from the Internet. There was a group study before the exam, but it was not necessary for me.

The middle exam was unexpected easy. I was preparing to fight with a tiger but final found a cat coming. I understood what the professor concerned about. For many American students, this topic is so difficult and unknown. It is impossible to understand it through three or four months studying. Moreover, in the modern society, in America, how much time a young student, for example, who majors in international business, will put on such a topic? Zen is a field that demands a person’s whole life time to involve.

Yesterday when I was walking into my Chinese Class, a strange girl came to talk with me. She said she had a same class with me last semester. She failed that course and this semester she was taking it again. She asked me if I could give my mid-term exam to her. I said I could. However, she kept asking me many questions about the exam. I told her most of the questions should come from the class note. She said she had no class note because she rarely went to the class. She also told me for the writing assignment, she borrowed others’ papers from pervious years and handed them in as hers. I was surprised and asked, “Can you do that?” she answered, “Of course, the professor is careless. He has given one paper back and said nothing.” An unpleasing feeling was rising in my mind. I told her I would go back my home to check my old materials, but I could not promise anything.

Last time, another classmate asked me to give my papers to her. Because I have talked with her several times, I countered her as one of my friends and emailed two of my papers to her. I asked her didn’t copy it but only used them as reference. However, when I talked that with Antony, he said if she asked your papers, the only purpose was to copy them. I believed he was right. When I told him about this girl this time, Antony said she was not only bad on grade but was a bad person. Men always are more realistic and rational than women. I think that is their strength but also weakness.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Study for the mid-term exam for the class of Oriental Study

I got the full point on one of my Chinese translation homework. Few students have done that. The reason I got it because of I spent time to discuss it with my tutors. I am glad that I have done that.

The mid-term exam of the Oriental Study 220 course will hold on next Tuesday. I put all my time to study on it and enjoy it so much. When I checked the schedule of class of next semester, I found Prof. Sukhu would teach Chinese 360. Because I am taking it right now, I cannot take the class again despite different teachers. Thinking about how stupid the current professor is, I just feel so pity; actually, I feel painful about that.

I am planning to take an art history course; the topic is about Buddhist art and architecture. I have taken one of Professor Lin’s course two years ago and got an A. I believe my English skill has improved a lot within the two years; thus, I think if I take a similar course right now, I can get an A without much difficulty. The most important thing is I love the topic.

I will definitely take Sukhu’s other Oriental course next semester. I have no future, so I do anything for happy myself.

For writing an essay to my English class, I start to read Robert Frost’s poems. I like them even though I still cannot understand them easily or very clear. For the sake to enjoy poetry, I am glad the improving of my English ability. It is so wonderful if one day I can enjoy the English literature and poetry.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Not all As

I got 94 on my first English paper, I was so happy about that. I got an A on the first test of history 141, too. For the same professor, last year, I got a B- on the first test in his class. For this reason, I didn’t expect an A on this course. It is a surprise; I will keep study hard to win a final A.

However, I got 87 on the first exam on history 111. For one of the questions that I answered wrong was because I misunderstood the words in the question rather but not misunderstand the knowledge. In other words, my English problem causes the losing points. Also, the professor emphasizes class participation, but I just dare not to speak in the class. I believe that I have no chance to get an A on this course any more.

I will have the mid-term exam of the Oriental Study 220. I enjoy studying on it very much.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Worrying about my first English paper

My English professor said she would post the grade of our first paper on Blackboard yesterday. When I checked in yesterday afternoon, I found the average score of the class but my grade was not here. I started to worry about my grade. I didn’t submit my paper by the regular way because during the due day, the school computer system had problem. I tried many times but failed to post it. I emailed to my professor and asked her if I could directly email my paper to her instead of to post it on Blackboard. She replied and allowed me to doing so. In the next class when I met her, I asked her in person and made sure she had received my paper. But now, there is no grade of mine. I will meet her tomorrow morning. I do not really believe I will receive no grade on this assignment. I didn’t do anything wrong nor ignore my own study. I can explain all of the happening to my professor. I am really concern about my study. But now, I am just annoyed by the trouble. I wish I will be noticed that everything is right tomorrow.

My parents and husband is in Santiao to spend the holiday of Independence Day of China. My husband says staying in the small city Santiao is the best vacation than traveling to any else place. It is a funny thing that I am staying in a foreign country but my husband spends time with my parents in my hometown.

Antony loves to make friends and join groups. He had a group studying last Sunday, but he was disappointed because he met some so stupid people. He complains like that, you will meet a smart people after you meet ten stupid people. I knew that before him. For this reason, even though I like friends, I am not too actively to make friends. I dislike the feeling when you encounter too stupid people. However, I admire Antony’s attitude although I can never as sociable as him.

I am starting to write the second paper of my English class. It is about imagery of a poem. It is a bitter experience to write papers if you language and vocabulary is limited. However, this is a process I can never avoid. The only thing I must do is to write and read more and more. If you taste bitter before, you’ll get sweet later. I believe it.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Two history professors

I have two history courses this semester; one is a male, another is a female. I mention it that because I thing gender is a factor that leads the differences that I will discuss below.

The two have totally different styles on teaching.

The male professor gives lectures only in the class. You can ask question, but he never minds if you participate or not. You can just sit over here, leaving your brain lazy. He never offers any handout paper, even in the exams, he writes the questions on the blackboard instead of giving typed paper. The format of his exams is five identifications and two essays, which have never been altered. One of an essay is based on a book he assigns for outside reading, but there is no any further discussion in class. Obviously, it is not easy to win an A from the essay or such format of exams.

In contrast, the female professor does many things in the class. Every class, she comes ten minutes early than the class time. She writes the outlines on the blackboard, which are also available on the Internet. She gives hand out papers and writing assignments. She loves group discuss, assigning the group member to us rather students free make groups with friends. She divides a class time into three or four parts. In the class, nobody can sit here and relax mind. You have to concentrate and actively follow her. For the exam, she gives us review sheet that covers the exam detailedly. As long as you want study, you’ll get it. She cares about students’ reaction, too.

I am not sure which professor is better. But I think the female professor’s class let you feel stress in first, but when you used to her, the class turns to be much easier, and the high grade is achievable. On the other hand, in the male professor’s class, even though I really want to put more effort to push my grade up, but I feel there is little evidence to help us to study.

I understand every teacher has his or her individual way to teach, that obviously will not suit for all the students. I have to follow any difficult people and situation.