Tuesday, September 25, 2007

2007's Middle Autumn Festival

My tutor Barry told me a so interesting story. This quotation is from his email.
“Moe, one of my older students (she's 75) is very wise. She says that she wants a rich life. To do that she seeks out good people to 'hang' with. Of course she didn't say 'to hang with'. But that's what she meant. I feel the same way.”

I have never dreamed such a kind of thing even in my very young ago. I am too realistic and rational to believe that I can get something that I don’t need to repay now or later. However, I understand that is my personal opinion and not necessary correct. Probably, there are majority people don’t agree with me since there are absolute a lot of people around me whom are yearning long for the dream. I think Barry is wise because wise people never criticize others but tell the fact only.

I have two exams next week. I am not sure I will do it well. I am confused by some points but I don’t know how to study on them. For some teachers, I really don’t know how to follow them.

Emma’s birthday was last Saturday, September 22nd, I didn’t go to her birthday party. She has a lot of friends, and her personality is wonderful. I never worry about her.

Today is the Middle Autumn Festival. I have tried to call my parents this morning, but the line was constantly busy. I guess the reason must because many people were calling their Chinese family members and relatives.

I opened a new cell phone on September 18th. I love it so I decided to give a name to it. It is a Chinese name and originally from a poem, so I cannot describe and explain it well here.

I had a picnic with Candy and Taoran last Saturday. While the picnic started, it was rain. We moved the picnic to my room. Thus, we had an unusually nice picnic under a roof, eating food and listen to the rain. When I told Barry it, he said what could be better; it sounds like a poem. I like Barry’s words. Poem is the thing I love the most in the world.

Antony is a cool guy. He works hard and has an excellent school record. His life is rich; every time he will tell you a new way to play. I mention him to my friend. My friend says it is a way of life many Chinese is doing now. Ironically, when I asked Antony why there were a few articles on his blog, he replied he didn’t think he had an interesting life. I am aware one thing from it. Writing blog is do nothing with how one’s life is, but relates to if you enjoy writing only. Indeed, staying with Pink Tear and working on my blog is the most relax time of mine.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dropped Anthr 208W on last Friday

I dropped Anthropology 208W. Before I did that, I felt I had no time to do anything except study, and the situation will continue until end of the semester. I was too anxious to sleep well. However, after I made the decision to drop a difficult course and did that, I was released. I called my friend and had a walk in the park that evening. I think that is the right way to live; working hard, but never leading yourself into a situation of excessive pressure. Only foolish people do that.

I met Barry and Candy yesterday. We had tea and coffer in a Chinese barker in Main Street after Barry finished his job at 4 o’clock. We have had such meeting several times; I love that. It is a good break to Barry, and we can meet each other in convenience, without to arrange a specific time every time.

After the meeting, we went a Korea restaurant for celebrate Candy’s birthday though her birthday will be around ten days later. We did that because in the very day of her birthday we need to go to class and she needs to go to job too.

I opened a new cell phone and had a new number yesterday. Every year I change my cell phone number. I know some people they keep their cell phone number in many years, but I don’t know they handle it. Anyway, I don’t have too many friends. For me, it is not too difficult to notify them my new number.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Its a Hit from Rilo Kiley

I’d like to keep the address of Rilo Kiley's Its a Hit

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It’s a kind of fun to do the impossible

This is the third week of this semester, but there are already excessive jobs. I think the extremely busy schedule with continue until end of this semester. My friends don’t understand me. They ask me when I can hang out with them, I answered that I would do that until Christmas. They laughed at me badly. My husband doesn’t understand me, either. He said, you always complain, but you can always get As finally. I may get some As, but nobody knows how much endeavor I have put it. I am worrying if I can survive this semester. I have read a saying, “It’s a kind of fun to do the impossible.” I really like this idea, and I think it is also a kind of fun to do the difficult though even you may die on the half way.

Friday, September 07, 2007

I write a lot recently

In my English class, we have to write journals and discuss class questions twice a week. For the two assignments, as long as we write, regardless the length and quality, we can receive full credits. However, so far, I am not the person who wrote the shortest in the class. I knew that because we can see all the works of our classmates’ from the college Blackboard.

There are also some writing assignments from my other classes; for example, I have written a two page essay for the African history class, “the history of Luba”.

I also write email to my friends. I like write email to my friend Antony. Even though I cannot write in good English, I have a feeling that his English is much higher than an average level. Later, Antony told me one thing. One of an English professor in Queens College is planning to use his paper in a book as a student simple. I am glad to hear that because it proves my judgment is correct.

I read my husband’s English blog and correct his grammatical mistakes periodically. I encourage him to write more. Even though if he writes more, I will do more jobs, I have never felt bad about that.

I am turning to more and more enjoy writing although I sharply understand how my English is. I am happy I am improving everyday.
This is indeed one of the joist things in my life.

Last, working on my own blog is an enjoyable thing, too.

See you later, Pink tear!