Tuesday, December 30, 2008

an A- on Anthr 260, I'm disappointed

I received an A- on Anthr 260 and am disappointed by it. I have tried very hard on this course, finishing all requirements and doing the extra credit assignment. Although in the beginning of the semester, I dare not expect an A-, after time went on, I believed I would do well. Anyway, it is over. I also expect an A on Environment 111, but now I am starting to doubt.

After the last exam finished, I spent several days to read Chinese novels. Those novels are really interesting and fun. I enjoyed them every much. However, I cannot spend too much time on it because there are many things I have to do. It is also the good time for me practicing calligraphy. I usually have no time to do this during the study season. This week, I am posting my calligraphy on a website and enjoying reading commons from strangers. This is the address, www.freehead.com. I use both brush and pen to write. Some people are kind that they offer frank commons, although many people praise their friends only.

I want to find a job this winter to help our family expense. Because winter break is merely one month, it makes me even more difficult to find a right job. I call a few friends who are my ex-coworkers in Chinese supermarket. The job in Chinese supermarket is tough; particularly during the holiday seasons, not only Christmas and New York, but also Chinese New York at the end of the coming January. The pay barely meets the minimum salary of New York State, $7.15 per/hour. Nevertheless, having a job and earning money back home are essential, regardless of how tough the conditions are.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I am done this semester

I finished all my exams today. The last one was on today 11 to 1. I got up at 5 am to study it. I thought it must be difficult to get up so early in the morning and keep mind clear; thus, yesterday night I planed to make a cup of strong tea to deal with this problem. However, I had no difficulty at all to get up in the morning. I think the reason is I was too nervous about the exam to sleep. After the exam, I felt I wanted to do nothing but relax.

I did very well on the exam of the American history. I increase my desire and except an A+ on this course now. However, I didn’t do well on the final exam of Anthr 260 on this Monday. There were so many extremely difficult vocabularies that I was unable to figure out which would be required to write on the exam. I don’t know if I will get an A or A- on it.

In the afternoon I met my best friend Candy, she gave me a dark green leather bag as the Christmas present. She forgot my birthday last month and she felt so bad about that. I believe after giving this present to me, she will feel much better. Candy was a very generous woman, and she always treats friends very nice.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Almost done!

I have two more final exams on next Monday and Tuesday. They are American history and Biological Anthropology. Both of them are difficult and require a lot of efforts. The time is extremely limited. To make things worse, tomorrow I have to go to a Chinese school to meet a teacher in the morning and then work in the library five hours until 4 o’clock in the afternoon. I am looking forward the day that all the exams end. So I will have free time to work on my blogs.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


My husband Brian's first poem in English, a lovely poem. (Note, I have made a few grammatical corretion on it despite the fact that Brian disagrees with me by claiming poem needs no grammar. )

My mother is coming.
Let me stop playing and hurrying up to go to bed.

Our teacher is coming.
Let’s return back to our seats and keep in quiet.

Beautiful girls are coming.
I’d like to talk with them and be friend with them.

My cute granddaughter is coming.
Let me stop reading and playing with her.