Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Game over

I finished the last exam although I didn't do a good job on this exam. My perfosser changed some question, I don't know how to organized my preparing answer again. Anyway, everything is over, I just need to enjoy my wonderful summer vacation.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Passed the ACT writing text

I have passed the ACT writhing text, fianly. I totally took four times, and was bothered by it so much. I just want to thanks my tutor, she spent two times of our tutoring hours to talk with me about the text. She gave me asignment that I have writen five essays before the formal test, and she went through with me about my essays. Before she told me that the grammar wasn't the most important part but I had to pay full attention on the organtion, I misunderstood and believed the grammer was everything. I had the wrong idea because I constantly worried about my grammar but believed my thought was no problem. I may never see the tutor again, but I really try to thank so many kinds of people as her in my life.
My husband is funny; he had a perfect confidence in me. When I told him I passed the writing test, it is not easy anyway, he said , ho, I certainly knew you would pass. It's absolute no question. After very hard studing, I got an A. When I told him the exciting news, he said peacefully, I knew you would get an A. That sounds the A was a piece of cake for me, but it is certainly not.
I have only one history exam in tomorrow night. I am preparing it the three days. I worry that I cannot write down all my prepared answer within two hours. So, I realized that not only do I need know how to write more, but also wirte only necessary parts as well. As soon as exams are over, there are a strange kind of feeling emerges. Becuase you spend too much time and energy to do one thing, when it is done, you will lose your guide and don't know what need to do next suddenly.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Five days more

Two exams are over. I have five days to prepare the history exam execpt using half day for Chinese. I hate the tense exams but, in part, enjoy the extreme excited live. There are almost no time to waste; I make phonecall to my hushand with walking. Stopping call friends or writing my blog. I have to stop here. See you soon.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Just have a life following by your own nature

I have another blog only for myself. I believe that put my journal into the vast net is a wisdom action becuase nobody can discover it and knowing it is from me unless I speak out. I understand that even if somebody read it, he or she shouldn't the right person whom I am expecting. Nobody will pay attention about that and Only I am laughing and crying for myself.
I also finished the ACT test yesterday. Because this is I first time wrote over two large pages, I think that I may have a big change to pass it. I will have a result at this Friday. I wish I have a good luck. I have few friends, so I always talk to myself, send gifts to myself, and encourage myself. I always feel lonely, and I believe that the reason is I love the cool and lonely feeling so I constantly refuse to escape. In fact, I am lying if I say I have few friends becuase I indeed have a few friends. However, even the best friend of mine can understand 10% of my mind. I want little of the material life but ask too much of the spirit. I don't think I need too much money becuase I really don't how to spend it. I have never met a frient agree with me in this point. They all consider that the reason why I hold such foolish idea becuase I don't understan how tough the life is. I never met a friend who is crazy about poetry as well as me, either. What is the meaning of life? I have a new idea. Just have a life following by your own nature. I have to go to study. I don't have any time can waste even though I enjoy staying with you so much.

Sociology exam is over

I finished the exam of socoiology. I don't want to think it any more, and just gald that it was over. There are another three exams within the several days,but any one cannot more difficult than this one. I am going to go back China; everyone believe that I will have a wonderful vacation as a honeymoon, but I certainly have no idea about that. Sometimes, people want a change may not because the future is really attractive but they are truly bothered by the current situation. I don't know how to explain my feeling. I am neither not exicted by now nor this coming summer. Perhaps all my dreams are only exist in the dreams, they can never appear in the real life. My husband is not a exciting person; in fact, he is a extreme boring man, so as I. However, after I met some interesting people and found out an idea that those interesting person usually with many shortcoming which made me feel very uncomforable. Then, I realize that the peaceful life when I stay with my husband just the best way of life for me.
Someone said, if a man doesn't like a woman, he doesn't want be friends with her; if a man wants be friends with a woman, he doesn't only want to be friends with her. It' s a interesting idea. but I want to add some words. If limited by the specific situation, a man will keep a relationship as friends with a woman in his whole lifetime. My husband has a few female friends, and I truly believe that they have right relationship. Since I have a different character from him, I cannot have a close male friend without any special feelings.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Riding bicycle to travel

Since I will stay in home for vacation more two month and my hushand quit his job resently also, we plan to travel to Zhan Zhou and Shang Dong. Even through my parents won't join our trip, they still give their opinions that they want us take public transportion. In contrast, my husband want to drive his own car, and I prefer ride bicycles. I want some hardship becuase I dislike those sorts of comfortable monden life. My husband is a different kind of person from me. He always follows the maintream of the current society and enjoys it. He enjoys new cell phones, computers, cars, high buildings, shopping malls. But I certainly like go to country; for example, sitting in a yard at night and no light over there except moon light is my joy. I read books which are writen hushand and thousand years ago and wish to continue to read them in my whole life. I have little interest about cars, and I also cannot develope a ture interest about money. I don't understand why people are so crazy about it. I can't delay that we have to depend on the money to have a life, but money indeed lack of power to fulfill many desires in my life.
Sometimes I feel sorry for myself because I always cannot live in a way which I really like. I know the reason probably because I am a kind of person who lack of encourage in nature.
fearing bad results, I control my passions in many ways.

I am truly appreciate the kindness of human being, sometimes

Yesterday in our sociology class, our professor said he couldn't offer his notes to us becuase he didn't have. I tried to ask one of my calssmates who always answer questions on class and I guess he may take good notes. He replied that he would send his all notes to me at night. While I was talking with him, some students heard our conversation. After class, one of my classmates came to ask the notes. I think it is interesting because I even didn't have the notes yet. However, I promised her that I would email her as soon as I recevied. At night, I indeed got an email from the student and found his nots. I am really appreciately his fast email and the help and his kindness. I find out some definaions which I couldn't find out neither internet nor library. I believe I can increase ten more points in my final exam from this information. I sent his notes to the classmate who wanted; I wanted somebody to share my happiness. Now, I have more confidence about the class of sociology.
However, The studying time is still extremely limited. When I work at the the loptop room, it's impossible to do any serious job becuase you may be interupted in every several minutes. I rather to practice some easy things such as talking or reading in English in possible.

Monday, May 08, 2006

the work is going to busy.

My pofessor of the sociology class has given us the review list of the final exam, but it is so difficlut for me. I spent all the weekend going to internet and studying in the library but I still couldn't find out all the answer. I also doubt that answers which I already found correct or not. Today I asked one of my classmates borrow hsr book to me. she is also in a sociology 101 class, but she follows by another professor and luckly have a wonderful textbook.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

a cool early summer afternoon.

This friday afternoon, when I sat in the tea room where in front of the college library, I met a young boy. I knew him half year ago, and also have a same class with him but I never talk with him before. In spite the fact that he is a stranger with me, I like him since the first sight. he is as pure as the spring water in the mountain and as warm as morning sunshine. He is like a star from the Karean movies. I like him so much and I cannot control my emotion. I have to talk with somebody. I talked with my husband on the phone, while he heard that, he laughed. He knows me very well and leaves a free space to all the bad habits of mine. I wrote my feeling on my journel, on my blog. I always like that creating a love feeling toward somebody rather than receive.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Good news, Good schedule

The exam of sociology will be on May 16th, the art history on May 19th, and the histroy 112 will be on May 24th. So whenever the Chinese exam be arranged, my schedulel should not be too bad. My supervier ask me come to work until May 26th. I cannot refuse this becuase they who work there alwasy treat me very nice. Anyway, I am happy about the reasonable schedule. I decide to give up the sleeping in the morning in that week in order to leave time to work. I wish I can have a good result this semester and if I keep work, the goal should be achieve.
In fact, although I spend much time to study, I do not really know what that meaning is. It's so funny to live.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

don't be rush , but as soon as possible

In today's history class, I asked my professor gave the review sheet to us early, so we can have more time to study. He said it's a good idea. I feel happy about that. Because if I have enough time, I believe I can handle all the classes well. I also handed in the book report to him. He will read it and give me bace next class with comments. In other words, I have chance to rewrite some part following by my professor's comments. It's a benefit for students. However, only a few students took the chance today. One of my classmate said, he have to write four ten pages essaies this week execpt this one. I rememberd that we told the book report one month ago, his opinion is that too early to do that. I really don't understand why some people that they must wait the last minute to start to do the necessary work. I always to my job as soon as possible, give more time to myself. I do work in rush sometimes, but not too much and not as somebody always in rush.
When something happen, I always think too much and always in a negetive ways until it is solved. So, I understand that everybody has his or her unique character, each character has two sides, one is good and one is bad. If some people always delay and lazy on their work, I guess that they might be very good temper persons and very easy to forgive others, so as they always forgive themselves. Beside, I'm a person who always refuse to forgive anybody or anything if I used be hurt by them.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

only three weeks

I have contiuned to ask questions in Chinese class. From this, I understand one thing, if you study something, you will have question. Somebody never ask question in class, as me in other classes, becuase I indeed don't know really study about that. Almost only have three weeks, I will go back China. It should be very exciting if there are no finally exams. I will take a religion course next semester.