Thursday, March 30, 2006

A heave day passed

I finished two midterm exams today, but I think I still cannot get a break, even a night. Next Wednesday, there will be a quiz in my history class. Too much work need to do. I don't understant why life turned like this way. If one only do one thing in a time period, It is not healthy. I usually enjoy something beyond my business, but it is always not allowed by life itself.
I used a word "fat" in my essay to describe a ugly girl. I was carefuless to realize that might hurt some " fat " people. But, how can I explain it. My supervise is fat, but when I think about her, the idea about she is a nice person always go first than she is a fat one in my mind. I'm a short woman, I only have 5". If somebody say who is ugly as fat and short. I think I probablely don't not think myself too much.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

studying a whole day

I am very anxious about the two exams in raw. When I realize the final may four exams in a very close time, I think the mid-term is OK now. I still have around ten days. If I study like today, it is possible finish all the study.
Sometime I wonder why I study so hard, but I can have only one reason. I don't have other veluable things need to do, so letme pretend to desire "A"s. Essentially, "A"s have no any meaning at all for me. Life is so empty. I am not sure what I am waiting for.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Today is not a luck day to me

My Chinese teacher former announced the mid-term exam will be Mar 30th after I talked with him. I told him I already have two exams will be that week, but he didn't give me any care. I know I cannot ask anything; however, I just encounterd this bad siutation, I can't have a very rational mind. I wish I can pass, and all the trouble will gone. I know I can deal with them, but I just have some anxious. My English teacher is fine. I like meet teacher as her, smart, very clearly understand her students that who is study hard and who is not. I have to work now. But it is certain a wonderful thing writing a short journel before study.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

March fifteenth is the top day of the spring

Today is a special day for me. I collect many special days from my past life, put them in my heart. March fifteenth is the top day of the spring, the color of the day if most bright. Green and pink represent grasses and flowers, younth and dreams. I remeber in the same day nine years day, he came to my rent room but I was not there. He left a note to me which I kept until now. That spring was a remarkable soft and warm season in my memory.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

How about no subject

I have started writen essaies from my second college year. If I take a look from many years later, they will be a big silly of mine. I want keeping my steps on the blog. When make no more grammar mistake in English, I will check them again.

Monday, March 13, 2006

passion is a word that make me feeling excitedly

“Everybody has passions, and I have passions, too.” A professor warned her students not to write essays like this way and showed her dislike of this colorless description clearly. Although it is nothing wrong with this specific sentence itself, I understand why the professor especially emphasized of this point. In my opinion, an essay is just like a person; without interesting ideas, an essay will be considered as a failure, and nobody wants to read it; without passions, a person’s life will become absolutely boring and empty, and no meaning at all for either himself or herself nor others. Passions are not necessary very huge or ambitious; they can be some small details of our life; however, they are always very important for individuals. Passions control people’s mind and action; moreover, sometimes people want to be passions’ slaves by their self-awareness and consider suffering as a kind of valuable life. My passions are drinking tea, listening to rain, and staying alone. I developed them when I was very young. They clearly represent my own character, taste, and lifestyle. The most happy hours in my life always are these time that when my passions are fully satisfied. However, passions do not always give advantage to me; sometimes I feel that I am tightly controlled by an invisible power of passion and want to escape it in order to try some new lifestyles. Finally, I realize that I am definitely powerless about that. My passions of my soul are equal to the blood and the bones of my body; if I really want to change them, I think that I can, but only after one day I completely lose my sensitivity or the hopes of life.
One of my passions is drinking tea. There is a very long history of drinking tea in Chinese history. Tea is a very popular drink and has a deep connect with the traditional culture. For this reason, when I was notified my given name is Tea, I was proud of it. I have started drinking tea when I was around three or four years old. At that time, I didn’t have my own tea cup since I was too young, but I was developing the interest of tea while I drank it from my father or my grandfather’s cups. I regularly drink over 10 big cups of bitter-taste green tea everyday now. When I get up in the morning, I first go to kitchen to prepare boiling water for making tea. My tea cup is always full of warm tea in my table while I am in home. I drink it from morning to night as a habit which is completely different from the general idea that people want a drink because they are thirsty. I rarely drink other drinks or any soups, and I even seldom eat fruits because I think I always provide my body enough water from tea. I enjoy fine china teapots because they bring me a very relaxing feeling. I have collected many teapots in my house; one of them is a monkey shape teapot; one of them is a set of tea-things that included a tall body teapot and eight tiny tea cups with grass weaved covers. I do not use them frequently but look them as collections. I like to go to teahouses because they usually offer some special tea which I cannot find from markets. Teahouses are always decorated very elegantly for match the great culture of tea; thus, when I sit and drink over here, I am not only enjoying tea but something else far away.
I have another passion as listening to the sounds of rain. I often feel sorry that I live in the city which doesn’t have plenty of rain. We have to receive too much unhappy news, frivolous jokes, and constant commercials in our usual lives; and it is a pity that many wonderful nature scenes are ruined by these man-made things. When it is raining, I rather turn off televisions or radios in order to build a quiet environment to enjoy the sounds of nature. In addition, I like lying in the bed and listening to it at night; I think it is the most wonderful music for me and often get good dreams when I fall in sleep with it; in fact, I don’t think the sounds of rain are noise, but rather believe they offer a quiet ambience. Moreover, the best thing I like to do when it is raining is to read lyric poetry; the sounds of rain to go with rhythm of these lovely poetry and make them more affecting. I write long and emotional journals while it is raining; this is my own way to release my stress or unhappy feelings. I look rain as an old friend of mine; when it visits me in an unexpected time, I am always cheered up. I enjoy listening to different types of rain from drizzle and teeming, warm rain in the spring and the cold rain in the fall. I have collected some CDs which are not music but records of the sound of rain. Sometimes I listen to them from my CD player to satisfy my desire for rain. I like to go to different place to listen to rain; I take vacations to forests or mountains and dwell in a wooden hut a couple of days to enjoy the sunlight in the morning and the rain at night. In short, even if I also like bright sunlight, multicolor flowers, and other beautiful scenery, the sound of rain bring me a quiet world which is my favorite and suits my taste indeed.
My third great passion is staying alone. In spite of having a good relationship with my family members, I spend much time staying alone. I usually use one or two hours eating dinner with my parents then go back my room whole night or weekend. I have friends, but few of them have same interests with me. For instance, nobody responds me when I want to visit museums; they feel it is very funny that I want to go seashore to see sun rise in the 5 am. However, when they ask me go to the gym or bars, I don’t accept either. When I stay alone, I feel extremely relaxed and comfortable because I am free to do anything and don’t need caution about people’s reaction. I do not like somebody often come to interrupt me with having a conversation or anything else, and I think that just wastes my time and has no advantage at all. All my hobbies and interests need me to stay alone to achieve. As a student in a history major, I have to read a lot. I am often very excited when I read a chapter that about a golden age or even a gloomy time but still some outstanding persons or events emerged in the history. In reality, my room is empty because there are only my books and me, but my world is really so colorful and rich in my imagination. When I stay alone, I write a lot to arrange my mind and contact with the outside world. I write journal to talk with myself; I write letters or emails to talk with other people; I write history research papers to talk with past intellectuals. In conclusion, despite the fact that I love staying alone, it does not means I am isolated; I just enjoy my own way to contact with our civilization, the great thoughts in the history, the current society, and my contemporaries. For this reason, while my passion limits I make friends in the real world, I never feel sorry about that because I cannot have a meaningful life without it.
Whether my passions clearly are positive or not, I enjoy them now, and do not really want to change in the future.

the second day is raining

Today it is raining, and the weather reporter said it probably will snow a few days later. It's not unusual that have snow on March. I am looking forward to them. Walking on the road, I found spring flowers are going to bloom that made me missing home. I remeber the second half of March is best time in my home town in my eyes. The flowers are pink, the wheather, the blow, the breath are pink. All my memories are pink.
I wonder whoever want to read my writing while I am living a such mass medium time. Who will be the first person come to visit my blog. everybody wants be focus, so as me. However, it is just a childhood dream and it already faded away long ago. Let me assume that nobody come here, and then the blog will be the most safty place to store my secrets.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

In the first sunshine spring day

It's seem silly if somebody says he or she likes spring or green. However, I am a person always like to do something very stupid. The criticism from others is less important to my thoughts.
I like the most bright flowers which bloom in the mature spring time. Since I always cannot spare my exciting experience with others, I have given a name to my diary books, and keep talking with her over fifteen years.