Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Night Rain

One third of this summer is passed. I am working in Queensborough as usual. I have few things to do in Student Activities office. Sometimes, I work in ID office if they are busy or somebody gets off. The job in ID office is a sort of simple-repeating labor. For me, no matter a job is busy of idle, I accept whatever I am given.

I have not seen a colleague two weeks and assumed she quitted. However, when I told with the lady in ID office today, I found she was fired. She said, “They get ride of her… This place is disgusting.” Nobody can feel good when you see your companion fell into ill circumstance. We worry about ourselves that we may in the same situation one day.

Since I have nothing to do or nobody to speak while I work, I read books. I have borrowed many books about Buddhism and Chinese history. I wish I can have readings as wide as possible in this summer. This is the initial step I am doing for my thesis.

The night in a summer day is always long. Tonight, while I am writing my blog, a sudden rain is coming, accompanying by strong sounds of thunder. The rain is getting heavy and I am hearing the sound of the rain becoming louder and louder. Woo, how wonderful this summer night.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Forgot to lock the car

I have driven to work two weeks, and get less nervous. Today, I got the office fifteen minutes early, but when I was walking into the building, I suddenly realized I forgot to lock my car which I parked on a road near the school. I put my bag in the office and ran back my car to lock it. When I finally got back to office, I got so hot.

I found I received an A on American history course too. I have so happy about the grades. I am planning to self-study about my thesis in this summer. I have already borrowed many books from the college library. When I have free time during work, I can read them. The immediate job is to decide the topic. So far, I am thinking Chinese Buddhism during Tang Dynasty. Through more reading the topic would be modified. I am enjoying the study.