Monday, October 30, 2006

Had a good weekend

I had a good weekend last week. I slept more than ten hours at night. When I wark up on the Sunday monring, I called Jerry and asked if she wanted to go out to eat. She answered yes excitedly.
If you go to restaurant for the only goal to eat, but not for meet friends or customs or any other reasons, it will become a kind of happiness. You don't need care about how other see you behaviors. If you love meat, you can eat as much as you want. I rerally can eat like this way.I enjoy that. Jerry is a close friend of mine. We always stay together for eating, watching moives, or shopping. Spending money is happy experience for us. I never talk about reading or do some serious jobs with her. Essentially, she is a different sort of person from me. I can be friend with her because she has an outstanding attitude toward money. Most people who live around me care about money too much. I dislike that. Jerry has a low-pay job and the job is tough, but she use money for her present live rather than save in bank.
I am going to take a mid-term exam of Anthropolgy course on this Wednesday. Some reading of this class is very difficult to understand for me. I chose some of them to read again. However, I cannot have too much extra time to do that. I have started to prepare the history exam since last week. I had a dream a few days ago. In the dream, I found I got 52 points in the history exam. In my English class, I still feel confuse on the reseach pepar. This semester, I really get big pressure. I wonder how is my future should be.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A cake from Email.

This morning I saw Emma. Her smiling was so sweet. When her had chance to go to Media Center, she asked me how is my study. I told her I felt big stress and tired. She promissed that she would send a cake to me from Email. I will eat it.
I know I have to better arrange my time and live. studying hard is not always mean best result. I need slow down. Try my best but don't be rush. This is nothing so important that worth me to rush. I only want to enjoy my life if studying is my way to enjoy life.
I talk with my husband on the phone everyday. He is not the same sort of person with me, but he can understand me very well. Sometimes, I am amazed about that. His words are just what I want to hear. How can he admire me so much. I am a meaningless exist in the world or others, but I feel I am a princess in my husband's eyes.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Big stress!

I study all days but I still cannot finish my course requirment. I even don't have one hour break within ten days or half month. I really don't how can I go on. This semester is much different from last semester. I dare not to think about tomorrow. I sent my essaies to e-tutor of my college. the biggest problem of mine is the preposition. I remeber twenty years ago my cousin introduced an English teacher to help me, the lessons that her offerd to me was about preposition.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I got a B- on history exam

I got B- in my history exam 1. I am so disappointed by that. I see a great future for meself when I had all the As last semester. I believe that my English will be good enough; after four years college study, I will keep study and have a master and higher education. However, if I fail in my current study, all the hopes will turn as day dream. Perhaps, it is day dream. I just don't want wark up. I never mind if any men love me or not, in fact. The only very important thing for me is my career, not a job or earn a living, or be rich. But a career that I can put all my passion, time, energe on.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Finished CPE

I finished CPE on last Saturday. I have little trouble about that, but college and other students make too serious attitude toward it that makes it like a disease. One of my classmates said she would read the long essay ten times. In addition, she said if she couldn't pass CPE this semester, she would take only two courses next semester in order to concentrate on CPE.
I will have quiz in my Chinese course tomorrow. The siuation is complex. We will have 3 quizzes and a final exam for this course. The final exam is most important and it has 55 percent weight from total grade. All 3 quizzes are together have 10 or 15 percent weight. So, one quiz is only have 3 or 5 percent from final grade. It is difficult to fiuger out how much time I should put on it. I certainly do not want to put too much time for the very small weight becuase I have much other work need to do. However, if spending a little time, I worry there is still alot material need to go over.
I miss my friend Gino; he seem disappeared suddenly. He said he started to drive to school; I worry something happened to him. I wish everything OK with him. Perhaps I need wirte a email to him to find out how is him.
Life is busy and boring. My relatives seems care me little, and I also have no interest to talk with them anything happened with me. I call my husband everyday. I can feel he is care about me from his heart and soul. Even though we are separated in a huge distance in the real world, he is the one who most close live with me. I tell anything happened around my live including any extreme tiny things. I tell him who makes my unhappy, what exams I have finished. He knews all the details of my live.
I have to study for my Chinese quiz right now. Talk with you next time, dear pink tear.

Friday, October 13, 2006

The day before my CPE

Something makes me feel bad today. I am perparing CPE within several weeks, and my tutor asked me if I have time to wirte a summary about another writing, and then she can discuss that one with me for practice last week. I didn't think careful and answered yes. however, the fact was I certainly didn't have time to read another long writing. I finished the assignment in a careless attitude. Today, when my tutor read my writing, surely, she couldn't be sanitfied. She didn't say anything bad, but I feel sorry for myself. It's not fair to her. I wish she can forget it and forgive me liberally. She only talked with me half of our tutoring time and then allowed me to leave. My bad eassy was not worth to discuss a hour.
My freind called me this night. She have sent me some additional readings about the lone writing of CPE. She will take the test next Saturday. However, I don't have time to read it anymore. It's over eleven thirty. I need go to bed immediately, having a good mood to take test tomorrow. Good luck, Pink tear!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

readying for CPE

I made a mistake. In the fist test of my Anthropology class, there are 25 questions plus 2 extra questions. The full points is 108, but I only got 84. In our class, there are over 30 students had A. I feel sad for that. I got a excellent record on last semester and I am keeping study hard. I wish I can keep a best result, but I understand how difficult it is. the record of last semester was not equal to my real ability. Perhaps this is the time I come bake to the real world from a fancy dream.
I am going to take CPE this Saturday. I wish I can get the full credits from the task 2. Yesterday I sent my practice of the task 2 to E-tutor of CPE, today I received the reply from them. They said I might get 4 points from my answer. I disappointed from the result; however, I still learnd something from this practice. I think I need do the task 2 slowly. Understanding the text and question clearly and then make answers. Even I write more statements, if making many errors. those answers are still usuless. I appreciate that I gain such experience from the practice. I certainly don't worry too much about CPE. The full scores is 72, and the passing scores is 34. The passing percentage is less 50%. It's really not a tough text. We just need careful to do anything, peacefully accept result regareless that are good or bad. I never regret for myself because I already do my best.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

One third of the history exams passed.

I got 84 in the first text of Anthropogy 104. There are 25 questions and I missed 4 of them. I cousin told me before that multiple-choise questions are more difficult than essay questions. Now, I believe that he is right. For essay questions, students show their ability and understanding of class from writing, even though they make mistakes, professors will see what they already know. In contrast, machines give grades to students in multiple-choise tests without any flexible factors.
I also did not do a good job in the history test today. It's impossible to guess all the questions. If I don't perpare many time before exams, I cannot organize and write well in a very limited time. If I'm luck I can have around 80 pionts, unless the prionts may fall down to 60 or lower.
All the results don't show any relationship with if I work hard or not, that only means how much my English ability needs to improve.
In my English class, we post students' essaies on blackboard and make comments to each other. It is fun to read same topic asseies and get feedback from others. Of couse I enjoy those words that somebody praise me in spite of the fact that nobody will tell true to others. I am clear know who am I and how my English is.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

food and holiday

This week is a long holiday in China, it is Chinese independence day. This Friday is another traditional Chinese holiday, Middle Autume holiday. Chinese believe the middle autume has a brightest moon in sky while in all the year. In America, few people care about that. It's true that ancient Chinese were very sensitive. they loved a feeling like poem. People changed in monden time, most of my comterpoarary crazy about Western culture, or just don't like anything. Unlike them, I love those holidays which comes from thousands years ago. Each holiday connects its own specific food. those food indicate it is this holiday but not other. When I think about the Duan Wu holiday in the spring and the Middle Autume holiday in the fall, I get different pictures of food in dinner table in my mind. In my opinion, sometimes, food can represent our life well. People always complain that they cannot find food as good as they ate when they were young. I disagree with it becuase we have much more kinds of food today. We miss old food only becuase we miss our old families and friends. they have shared our happiness alot.