Thursday, August 31, 2006

After the history class

When I was in my first history class, knowing one of a assignment was a 6 pages essay, I felt that it was impossible of me. After one year, when I found that my current history professor doesn't requer a out class essay, it's really unexpected from my image. I feel easy about that anyway. Tomorrow I will meet my English teacher. I will she is as nice as the other students said. I never hate writing, in the contrast, I am looking forward somebody coming to help me to improve my writing. This evening I went out eating with Jenny in a expensive Kroean restaurant. She has a passion of such luxury life, but my opinion of life is different from her in some degree. I don't have a big saving and don't have a plan to spend too much time to work. My goal is finish my academical career as soon as possible. I plan to take winner and summer coures in the following year. I may need spending more five hundred dollars for one coure. I intend to pay the cost.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The first day of the fall 06

I have lost a over five words blog just now. I hate the internet. Even though I know my writing is certainly a kind of garbage of this world but I still like it by myself. I have no more works want to say anymore. Maybe next time.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

A raining day

Today is another day that it's raining non-stop. I enjoy it because that makes me feel that I am warmly hugged by the nature.
I sold the third book from ebuy in the resent couple of days. I didn't earn much money from them, but I got some money back indeed. Seven dollars or ten dollars are so easy to neglect or waste in our live, but we just save or earn money from such small points. That why I feel happy even I just sell a little book.
This was something unhappy happened between my aunt and I. I have lived with her since I came US. She is a really kind person but I certainly have different ideas of life from her. Today her brought some hardwork, string pearl necklace, came back home and worked on it immediately. I was told by my consin that she worked on it yesterday until 3am. I told her, "In your age, it's not need to think about how to earn money but how to spend it. Anyway, this kind job obviously must bring a big damage on your eyes while you are no long in a very young age." She kept in silence when I was talking. I knew that was her typical attitude to resist. I understand I can never criticize other people's lives. However, I live with my aunt, eating foods together every evening. I care about her live and wish she has a heathy live. She give too much emphasis of money in her life, but never leave time to think about how to enjoy life. I know it's useless that trying to change the opinions of somebody, but I really don't think she is right.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

A cool last summer day

It's have been raining a couple of days. The weather is cool down, and the fall is coming. I enjoy staying in my room in such days, reading book or sleeping. Sometime I am disappionted by this kind of live. I always require myself doing something without stop. The fact that I never have a capablility to achieve a great success makes me hate the ordineary family life. People are often particially aspired by something that they impossible to have. I don't know how to comfort myself, and even can't talk with friends. I have been always struggle in a puzzle since I started to have a sense of alive. I have little joy but too much sorrow. How to explain all the happenning around me.
My grandma passed away a week ago. She was told had a breast cancer two years ago. Unfortunately, the rest of her body is still healthy. She have to suffer the pain and the festers but cannot leave the world in an acceptable or more comfrotable attitude. She was a respectful woman in her whole life, but in the last time of her life, in the landmark of life and death, she lost favor of the heaven. My mom and I, all the relatives of her, couldn't stand the endless suffering of a old, ill grandma. I dare not to watch her extremely skinny body. She might had only fifty pounds in the day of her death. I asked what is the reason of the human's suffering and suspected our future. When my sight caught the strong and full of energy figure of my mom, I wondered if she also would turn as skinny as my grandma twenty years late? I don't want to think anymore.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Jenny is a girl whom I met in a supermartet when I worked at there last year. She is just different from anyone. I often feel sad and asham for the low level job. Most people look down our cashiers. Them believe that all the cashiers are poor educated illegal immigrants. When there is an argument occurs between a customer and a cashier, the customer ofter turns to speak in English even though he or she commonly speaks Chinese in the Chinese supermarket and clearly knows the cashier probable cannot speak English. For this reason, they believe that these cashiers cannot protect themselves good; in addition, they insult them in some ways. I am not a cold person indeed, but my personality turn colder and colder while I kept staying in those ruthless environment. I started to treat all the customers unkind, pushed their goods careless. I didn't talk with them anymore. Staying the particular role, I cannot distinguish between kind people nad unkind one. This was a very sad memory in my life. However, my friend Jenny, she is keepping an attitude as a princess while she works in the supermarket. I wonder how she could does. I can't say that she is not a sensitive perpson. She has a good taste of clothes, food, and live. I rarely hear she talks the situation of her job and never hear any complain from her. She spends money for a good live. I admire her. I have to say that she is luxurious somehow. However, since most people around me are so frugal, from them, I only have the gloomy reflection of life, I rather live is a little bit luxurious as Jenny's. We go to restaurant occasionally. When I sit in a full decorative place, around by soft music and lights, and notice all the people speaking in a low voice, I first time have an unusual feeling in the foreign country. This is, others respect me and I become respect myself also.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sold Books!

Yesterday I asked you consin help me to sell some of my textbooks. He refused, and said:" I know you have a count. Why don't you sell by yourself?" I do have a count on ebuy since last year. However, I didn't sell one book within more than half year. Those books were suspended resently. I have no confidence to sell book any more on net as a new one. I belive my consin is easier to sell books than me since his more feedback.
Losing hope to get help, I have to do everything by myself. To my surprise, yesterday morning, after I listed several books on net a few minutes, I received a email which notified me that one of my bood was sold. Although that book only sold as $8, I felt so happy about that becuase it was a wonderful beginning of my own business on net. Today, I sold the second book which price was $65. Even though the ebuy will charge a fee, I sitll can have arount $60 that much better than keep a large, heavy, and never read again book in my small cell.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Come back New York

I have come back New York three days ago. While the over two month vacation, I almost forgot all my English although I indeed had a great time in my hometown. I worry about how to face the new coming semester. English 110 is absolutely not be easy for me. Forthermore, two history courses and a geograhpy course must occupy much time of mine. Woo, a crazy time is approaching. I received five As in the last semester which give me big stress. Can I keep the good greads? How do I face the fact if I get a C on English 110? I am certainly not lazy, but how about if I don't have enought time to do those work. I don't know how to do any early jobs for those tough classes. If I do, I will have a more effective result. I don't touch with my friends yet. I still very miss my husband and the warm family air. we will separate one and half year this time. How could I stand it?