Sunday, October 10, 2010

My thesis statement has been approved

My thesis statement was approved by both of my professors. It is very good because I have to wait their approval then can move to the next steps.
I concerned that the primary sources I have is too few. In CUNY libraries, there are very few primary sources about Chinese history. Even though they provided a very nice service, interlibrary loan, the limitation is still large. I consulted this problem to Rossabi. He said in New York City, the only place where I can find the sufficient primary sources is Columbia Universal, but he also understands that I cannot access that. Nevertheless, Rossabi thinks that for the stage to do a MA thesis, it is not necessary to refer too many primary sources. In other words, what I have is enough? It is a surprise. For me, the MA thesis is a so serious and toughest project that I have to pay my hundred percent time and energy to accomplish. However, at least I understand now that a MA thesis is definite nothing from those big professors’ point of view.