Thursday, March 27, 2008

Finished the midterm exams of Chinese 360 and Zen

My professors of history 200 gave me an A-/B+ on my mid-term paper, a paper cost me more than fifteen hours. The grade is confusing. What is the mean of A-/B+? I knew who I am and how my paper is, and I do not mean to complain. In fact, I like my professors very much and am not dissatisfied by the grade at all. I am just confused. My professors said that they saw my effort. Probably this is the reason: this paper deserves a B+, but because of my showing my effort, it may be count as an A-.

This course is very difficult for me because I couldn’t completely understand many articles that required for the course. Although I have a nice reading tutor and I meet her once a week regularly, my reading problem cannot be completely solved due to the limited assistance. Because our paper is directly based on my class discuss and reading and that is the weak part of mine, it is impossible for me to compose a very good essay as a result. I wish my professors could allow me to revise it. At least, it is a chance. Don’t other students need revise?

Also, in the course, how student talk in the class directly reflect to his or her final grade. In the first, I just push myself talking, regardless what I say or how poor the quality my expression is. I have indeed spoken a few words in every class in the first half of this semester. Gradually, I see my improving and feel it is not too difficult merely saying something. However, new problem comes while I reach a higher level. I start to feel embarrassed when sometimes my speaking is so unclear and making no sense because I urge myself speaking out at an instant moment. I know this is a difficult process; I have to be very brave and courageous in order to overcome it.

I realize one thing from my recent study that if you do something easily; probably you learn little from it. In contrast, if you have to try very hard to complete one thing; perhaps, the result is that either the effort itself is valuable or you learn a lot from the process.

This Tuesday I had the midterm exam of Chinese 360, Tang poetry. I think I did very well. I expect an A+ although it is not reality. I guess Prof. Sukhu doesn’t have the habit to give anybody an A+. If he did, I believe I would be the one. Today I finished the midterm exam of Zen. I did very well too and expect an A, too.

Friday, March 21, 2008

My essay

To my surprise, I received a check from a Chinese newspaper, the World Journal, lately. It notified to me that the money is paying for one of my essays published on their newspaper. Yes, I remember I have sent an essay about a summer trip to the newspaper a couple months ago. By doing that, I only wanted to try but did not really expect that they would like it. Nevertheless, I am still so excited by the response because that is the first time that my essay is published in the public. Although I totally understand it is something that is only valuable to myself but almost meaningless to anybody else, I still told my husband, my parents, and my best friends immediately. The reason is that I know they will be happy about that rather than be jealous to me. It is a wonderful thing that there is somebody in you life that they are happy because you are happy and are sad because you are sad.

At the first, my husband though my essay was in English. I am so mad at his ridiculous idea. Does not he know my English level? Does he think before saying anything? How can he assume that I can publish an essay on an English newspaper? I told him my paper was on a Chinese newspaper that is called the World Journal. Then he answered, “It is even better. Literally, World Journal should be wider influence than New York Times.”

Also, when I told my husband that I earned 14 dollars from the essay, he replied, “I guess you are going to spend 140 dollars for celebration.” I like this idea, but I won't do that.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Finished the Midterm exam of Art History 277

I just finished the midterm exam of Art history 277. I think I did well. I study a lot and love the subject very much. The professor will return the exam two weeks later. We are planning to visit a museum next Friday and write a museum report after that. I like this course.

Lately, I am thinking my future career after I finish college next year. There are two options. One is taking my favorite majors, Asian Study or East Religion Study, but both of them are only offered in a few universities in which the tuition is very expensive. The tuition in CUNY colleges is relatively low, but there are no majors I really enjoy. I may take Urban Study or American history, but I really don’t have too much passion on them.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Study Tang poetry with Prof. Sukhu

I have two papers due two weeks later. I am working on the paper of the Kula exchange several evenings later. Yes, when I double checked from the professor this Monday, he answered that we have to read three hundred pages in order to write this paper. I can say nothing but start to do it immediately.

I feel difficult on history 200 although I really think the two professors who are nice and kind ladies. I will go to talk one of them this Thursday about my response papers. I doubt what they can do for me if the problem is due to my own poor English standard. However, it is better to let them know my situation and show my effort.

I think I cannot keep anthropology as my second major anymore. Both last and this semester I planed to take two anthropology courses but failed. Thus, if I want to complete college with in one year more, I am really unable to keep this major. I feel sorry about that because anthropology really is a very interesting subject.

I enjoy professor Sukhu’s class very much. We are studying Tang poetry this semester. Every class when he asks somebody to read the poem we are going to study, I always the first and only person raise hand. It is an absolutely enjoyable thing to read Chinese classical poems. I just feel sorry that he only asks a student to read a couple of lines but not the whole poem every time. I discuss some certain words with him and have the confidence that he knows them or even he does not know he is willing to conduct from a dictionary. I value the time I studying with professor Sukhu.